how to get flawless brows according to this beauty expert 2
Having been in the industry for over eight years, Jared Bailey is a master of the arch! (Photo: Benefit Cosmetics)

Jared says…

1. DO break down the anatomy of your brows.

From the start to the arch, your brows might be fuller. If so, you’ll need a product to add definition. From the arch to the tail, they might be sparser, so you’ll need a product to make them look fuller.

2. DON’T power tweeze!

This means never ever tweeze multiple hairs at one go. It’ll leave a hole in your brows, and you’ll live in regret. Only tweeze one hair at a time, and if possible, always leave precision work to the pros.

3. DO look at your brows as a set when filling them in.

It’s not about making them even. Rather, it’s about balancing out your facial features, so take a step back to look at your brows in the mirror as you’re filling them in.

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