We Are Obsessed With Jun Ji-Hyun's Lip Colour In New K-Drama, The Legend Of The Blue Sea

Love all those lip-looks from Doctor Crush, Descendants of the Sun and Legend of the Blue Sea? You’re not alone, we often lament over their perfected pouts from our office desks.

With more cult-Korean beauty brands coming across the shores, we are getting closer and closer to nailing that hallyu (k-wave) look. The reason that Korean beauty is so big over here in Singapore, is because we’re all slightly obsessed with their ability to create the illusion of a flawless face.

The Exact Lipstick That Jun Ji Hyun Wears In The Legend Of The Blue Sea

From their perfectly pore-free base (it’s like they have NO pores at all, how) to their ‘au naturel’ finished makeup look that offers subtle feminine charm, they seem to really know how to deliver ‘I may have woke up like this, you will never know’ final look. The devil, of course, is in the detail: their secrets are hidden in the dewy skin, straight youthful eyebrows and ombre lips.

Let us focus, for now, on my personal favourite from the above: the K-drama lip look. Think glossy soft pink lipsticks and pale cherry red lip tints, inspired by some of our favourite K-stars such as Park Shin Hye, Song Hye-Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun.  

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye Doctors ONE - Featured

Dubbed the ‘Park Shin Hye effect’, whichever lip tint or lipstick she wore on K-drama, it quickly sold out. The craze started way back when she starred in Pinocchio – Mamonde’s velvet red colour balm sales soared. Then again in Doctor Crush, where she wore Mamonde’s lip tint in #6 Pin Spot (pictured above). Which of course, was quickly wiped off the shelves within two weeks of being stocked up.  Now that’s what we call social influence at it’s finest.

The good news? Mamonde is finally available in Singapore and has a brick-and-mortar store in VivoCity Tangs. Yes, you too can get your hands on #6 Pin Spot…her favourite daily wear.

Get the look: Mamonde Lip Tint, No. 6 Pin Spot, $18
Or: Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge, No. 7, $20

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Song Hye-Kyo

We love Kang Mo-Yeon from Descendants of the Sun, for her witty antics, her hot military captain boyfriend and mostly her large trove of Laneige two tone lipsticks.

Throughout the series, she’s seen in all shades of Laneige’s two tone lipsticks, matched with a subtle blusher and a barely-there eye look. The focus really lies on her lipsticks, creating different moods for different occasions.

A subtle pink that is suitable for daily wear, seen above is the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar.

Get the look: Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar, No 3 Pink Salmon, $34
Or: Mamonde Dual Tint Lip Balm (If you have the patience, wait for the launch in Singapore, it’s coming soon!)

Text: June Chen, Her World Plus / Additional reporting: Arissa Ha 

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Jun Ji Hyun

You Won't Believe How Much K-Drama Actresses Like Song Hye Kyo And Jun Ji Hyun Get Paid_jun-ji-hyun

Love that shade of pink Jun Ji Hyun wears in The Legend of the Blue Sea? It’s light, soft and natural – could easily be mistaken for her natural flushed lips.  As per the Korean beauty ‘ideal’ she also keeps the rest of her face and eyes as natural as possible, so that this slight ‘flush’ on her lips is the only colour that graces her face.  

Allure Korea revealed that it is a mix of two shades from Korean brand, Hera. A mix of Holic Rouge No 147, Supreme Pink and Sensual Lip Serum Glow No 1, Love Blossom.

While we can’t get our hands on the exact colours, here are some similar lipsticks for you to rock that Jun Ji Hyun lip look. Skip the serum part but apply on a layer of lip balm to give plumper lips.

Get the look: 3CE Lip Colour, No 107, Bad Pink, $27
Or: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk, PK002, $17.90