#1 Ridiculous brows

Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy for YouTube Vlogger James Charles being named the first ever male Cover Girl (no one tagged gender to “easy, breezy, beautiful” right?) but those Sharpie eyebrows have got to go. When drawing brows, you’re meant to follow the natural shape and colour of your brows. PSA: Having a strong brow game doesn’t mean drawing thicker and darker brows. 

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#2 Using food on your face

Wasabi, lemon, baking soda, Oreo cookies… You name it, some Youtube Vlogger has probably used it on their face. You can argue that some beauty products contain food-grade ingredients anyway, but the problem with using food is that the chemical make-up is never really consistent. The acidity of one lemon will vary from the next, which means it can also be hard to predict the effects it will have on your skin. 

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#3 Beautyblender substitutes

Beautyblenders are amazing makeup tools that might be a little expensive to some. Cue a frenzy for alternative makeup applicators like socks, silicon breast pads and even condoms over makeup sponges. 

Some of them are creative, but the rest are downright strange. It makes us wonder if it’s just another YouTube Vlogger competition to see who can come up with the next shocking new makeup hack. 

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#4 Using unsanitary household items near the eye

There’s a reason why you should throw away mascaras after three months of use – your eyes are susceptible to infection and anything you put in the area (eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, etc) should be sanitary. However, several YouTube tutorials have been advocating beauty hacks that involve using cotton fibres to lengthen lashes, or re-hydrating dried-out mascara with saline drops or water. You never know what kind of bacteria these things harbour, so it’s best to stick to things that are formulated for use around the eye. For crying out loud, there are really good and cheap mascaras, so throw them away when they dry up. 

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