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Post-breakout blemishes are arguably tougher to tuck out of sight than pimples proper. Happily, there’s hope yet. Try this three-step strategy – culled from conversations with the top makeup maestros in town – to reduce residual redness and disguise uneven dimpling:&

Spend some quality prime time

A primer will provide “grab” and glide for the flesh-toned pigments to come. Cycle through your usual unguents, then go over particularly pitted areas with a generous patting of primer. Select a silicone-based one to “plug” in your pores without clogging them.

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Lighten up with a light-reflective fluid foundation

Think of it this way: Luminous liquids furnish your face with a ravishing radiance that deflects attention from the discolouration of acne scars. Look for light-to-medium coverage formulas that contain reflective optics, because these perfecting particles help create the illusion of smoother skin.

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Switch things up with a concealer that’s a shade lighter

Bring out the big guns because it’s time to get serious on any spots, scars and such that are still visible after applying your base. A creamy concealer is best for our purposes because you want to amplify the light-reflecting loveliness of your foundation.

Got your concealer of choice on standby? Now for the brilliant bit. If your acne scar has resulted in a shallow depression (we hesitate to use the word “pockmark”, which sounds so very harsh), the trick is to switch to a concealer that’s a shade lighter than your true match. Again, it comes down to smoke, sheen and mirrors: The paler concealer “lifts” your sunken scar to bring it near-level to the rest of your skin.

Go right ahead and use clean fingers if you must, but we’re partial to using a stiff angled brush for precision coverage. Simply stipple onto the scar itself and blend outwards to blur the boundary between blemish and the surrounding skin. Optional: If you have time to spare, do as we do and finish with a pinch of sheer powder to “freeze” the pigments and prevent slipping and sliding.

And you’re done. These simple steps ought to take the edge off the sting of your spots. Good luck!

Text: Eugene Quek, Her World Plus / Additional reporting: Arissa Ha 

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