8 Makeup Tricks That Will Help Asian Faces Look Younger - Featured

#1 Hair with volume and lowlights around your face

Giving your hair more volume at the roots is one easy way to make your face look elongated as flat or really straight hair can actually make your face look wider When it comes to hair colour, anyone looking to slim a round face with the right hairstyle should opt for lowlights. This essentially entails having the section of hair around your face dyed a shade darker than your overall hair colour, which will create more shadow and depth, visually slimming the sides of your face.


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#2 Face massage

Getting your face massaged isn’t just about improving the blood circulation and relaxing the muscles. A face massage can also help to get rid of puffiness and reduce toxins by encouraging lymphatic drainage in your face. Massaging along your jawline and around your eye area are also great ways to relieve tension after a full day of staring at your screen in the office.

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#3 Applying blush correctly

A trick to make your face look elongated is to not apply blush on the apple of your cheeks. Place it slightly higher instead and blend it out towards your temples. Alternatively, you can opt for a more bronzed hue and use it to add warmth to your skin just under your cheekbones. This option is a little closer to traditional contouring, made simpler by using just one product on your cheeks.

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#4 Bolder eyes and winged liner

Bold eyes draw attention away from the rest of your face, so you want to spend a little more time on your eyes to really make them pop – whether that involves the use of strong colours or pulling out all the stops to make them look larger. Also, having your winged liner angled upwards towards your brows instead of downwards draws the eye up, which also helps give the illusion of a leaner face.

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#5 Keep lighter concealers and foundation to the middle of your face

A lot of tutorials for undereye concealer show it being blended out towards the temples and sides of your face. If you’ve got a wider face, you want to keep application of your concealer or highlight to the region just beneath your eyes without going any further outwards, because drawing it towards your temples will only make your face look broader. Alternatively, you can apply two separate shades of foundation when doing your makeup – a lighter hue at the centre of your face and the other on the outer edges to create more depth.

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