10-makeup-sponges-below-20-for-flawless-makeup-application_FeaturedDog-tired and done for after pulling one too many all-nighters – and have the pasty and puffy complexion to show for it?

Get back on track with these quick-and-dirty recharging and revitalising tricks for a visibly rejuvenated visage:

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1. Go half a shade lighter for your base.
When you’re distressed and drained out, you want all the glowiness you can get. For days like these, gun for a luminescent liquid foundation that’s skewed pink and also half a hue paler than your true skin tone. The pearlescent pigments will permeate your fatigued face with a dewy “day” glow – sort of like having a steady stream of sunlight trained on your face 24/7.


2. Use a champagne-coloured concealer, then hit the sweet spot with a highlighter.
Your blinking baby blues are the windows to your soul – and an unforgiving reflection of your accelerated age. Stave off signs of sagging and bagging by slapping on a creamy coral concealer; a salmon-ey shade is your best bet for cancelling out the dullness of dark circles.

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Even better, this can also double up as an on-the-go luminiser. Simply brush on a thin layer (and go one shade lighter in this instance) over strategic areas of your face: The nose bridge and under the eyes; a dot or two on your cupid’s bow for poutier puckers; then finish off with a dab in the middle of your chin. The glimmering effect as light falls on your face masks fatigue and imbues your mien with a lit-from-within luminosity that’s very intriguing indeed.


3. Direct attention away from your peepers.
Excelling at the craft of concealment is much like being well, Sofia Coppola or Quentin Tarantino. How so? Think of yourself as a cinematographer and your face as the frame: The key is in knowing where to direct your audience’s attention – and the best way to distract from the pouches under your peepers is with a bright burst of punchy pigment on your puckers.

What colour to choose? I for one am absolutely obsessed with orange lippies, which inject an instant dose of invigoration when worn judiciously as an accent shade on your smackers. Another great thing about orange? The versatile yellow-red spectrum it straddles, which affords you an expansive wonderland of warm to cool hues to play around with – just be sure to layer on a moisturising balm under your colour to circumvent creases and crinkles.

Right, then. You’re all ready to “face” the day. Bookmark this story and try out these beauty best practices today – and in no time at all, your skin ought to regain some of its firm fishball-like bounciness. Good luck!

Text: Eugene Quek, Her World Plus / Additional Reporting: Arissa Ha

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