This year, Best Beauty Buys took a slightly different approach when it came to judging the many products that were nominated. We wanted to find out how mums juggle their busy schedules and still take time to care for themselves. So we invited five mums to tell us their main skincare concerns (and those of their children) and also what their beauty routines were like. The products nominated were then categorized into the needs of these mums, ranging from hyperpigmentation issues, to working in the aircon all day.

The final list of winners can be found here, meanwhile read on for more about our judges, their beauty routines as well as how they manage their skincare needs along with two (or more) kids in tow.

For editor Estelle Low, hyperpigmentation became more of an issue for her after her two pregnancies. She has been looking for products that will help reduce her melasma and also for a fuss-free and easy makeup look, click here to find out more about her beauty needs and the products she loved. Contributing associate editor Karen Fong, who has a toddler and 10-month old baby at home, tired and dry looking skin are her main concerns. Both her daughters also suffer from eczema, so she has been looking for soothing moisturizers for their sensitive skin. Click here to see the products that worked for her baby, and which helped her tired skin.

For entrepreneur and gym owner Filza Dorah, her needs were a little different. As a trainer who works all day in an air-conditioned gym, she needs skincare that is rejuvenating as well as makeup products that won’t dry her skin out. As a mum to two teenagers and a tween, she was searching for skincare products that were entry-level for them to experiment with. These are the products she found award-winning.

Publishing director and mum to four boys, Eileen Chia was concerned about how her dehydrated skin was getting worse as she aged. A busy mum on all fronts, Eileen was looking for fuss-free and powerful products that can get the job done. She wryly admitted to having to put her makeup on her car, and so needed multi-tasking products that could get the job done quickly. Here’s what worked for her.

Another mum-on-the-go, Priyanka Agarwal balances her role as Content Lead for a food marketing agency with keeping up with her two kids, age 3 and 6. Since her pregnancies, she’s found her skin to be more hormonal and prone to breakouts and so she’s been on the hunt for products that can lessen the dullness and spots. Because of her busy lifestyle, she’s also looking for powerful products that get the job done quick. Here’s what she found to work best.

For more from our Best Beauty Buys, click here to see all the winners, then add-to-cart for a beauty experience that hopefully works as well for you as it did for us!