Welcome to Letters To My Daughter, a series of web posts celebrating mother-daughter relationships this Mother’s Day. Five mums share heartfelt, honest notes to their girls, to express their love and to empower them with their words of wisdom. 

This letter is from homemaker Joyce Tan, to her four-month-old baby, Aria.

Mother's Day _Letter to my daughter_Joyce Tan & Aria


Dear Aria,

It has been four months since you have come into our lives. It hasn’t been easy – you are living proof that nothing is quite like experience itself, but your daddy and I would not trade the sleepless nights, fussy cries, mess and all for anything else. 

Mother's Day _Letter to my daughter_Joyce Tan, Francis Cheah & Aria
Baby Aria with Mum and Dad.

You have taught us how to enjoy and revel in the small things and the quiet times. Seeing the world through your eyes has made us realise how precious such moments are, that taking life at a slower pace gives us a chance to get up close and personal to the people and matters that are dearest to us. 

Aria, I wish to tell you that all is good and everything is wonderful, that there are rainbows and sunshine for everyone, every day. However, the world is a lot more complicated – even a bed of roses has thorns aplenty. Life is not easy, there will be hard days and difficult times. There will be people who will tell you “you can”, and there will be others who tell you “you can’t”.

I just want you to know that no matter rain or shine, good times or otherwise, take joy in the behind-the-scenes and little discoveries. There is always a silver lining, no matter how bad a situation. Sometimes we just need to look closer to find it, sometimes we would have to stand further to see it. Take time to smell the roses, thorns and all. 

Mother's Day _Letter to my daughter_Joyce Tan & Aria_2
Enjoying precious moments together.

Above all, know in your heart of hearts and in whatever you do that Daddy and Mummy love you deeply. With that, take flight, fly far and chase your dreams. If home is where the heart is, then know that we are right where you are, wherever you may be. 

With all my heart,

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