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Welcome to Letters To My Daughter, a series of web posts celebrating mother-daughter relationships this Mother’s Day. Five mums share heartfelt, honest notes to their girls, to express their love and to empower them with their words of wisdom. 


This letter is from The Singapore Women’s Weekly’s Assistant Editor Lisa Twang, to her one-year-old daughter Talia.

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Dear Talia,

I held you in my arms for the first time a year ago, and was overcome with wonder as you cried, wrapped up snugly like a large burrito. I remember my heart swelling with love and pride, a feeling I still experience when I see you learning to walk, snuggling with your favourite stuffed bunny, or blowing me a kiss.

I’ve always wanted a daughter since I was little, so I feel incredibly blessed to have you. Being a woman isn’t easy, but I hope you’ll become a strong, independent one with a beautiful heart and spirit.

Mother's Day _Letter to my daughter_Lisa&Talia3_Shiseido
Spending precious moments together.

You are so blessed to have the gift of youth: You’ve only been on this earth for a year, and hopefully you’ll have many more years to enjoy! My mother taught me that staying youthful is all about holding on to your zest for life, even as I asked her one day, “Aren’t you afraid of growing old?” Some say youth is wasted on the young, but hopefully you’ll treasure it well. I’m so excited to see what you’re going to do with your life!


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Sharing an affinity for cheerful prints!

Seeing you grow day by day is a reminder that time is slipping away all too quickly. Sometimes, I admit I wish I could turn back the clock so you won’t grow up too fast. Being a working mum means I have less time with you than I’d like, but I intend to treasure every minute we have together.

Like me, it feels like you’re constantly in motion: You love exploring the world by crawling up stairs, attempting to climb furniture, and practising your first independent steps. I suppose an active mum begets an active daughter! Your face lights up every time we open the front door to take you on a new adventure, and I’m looking forward to sharing lots of exciting times together. 

Being your mother has been an incredible journey I never could’ve imagined in my wildest dreams. It’s a job I’ll have for life, and one I’m happy to have. Treasure your youth, and make the most of your time here on earth: you may now be a little light, but I trust you’ll grow into a luminous woman who’s beautiful on the inside and out. 

Love Always,
Your Mum, Lisa


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