Did you know that airborne pollutants, which are especially concentrated in busy, dense cities like ours are also inflicting damage on your precious locks? As spotless as our streets might be, there’s no escaping urban pollution present in the atmosphere which consists of things like car exhaust fumes, smoke, dust and PM2.5 particles.


These toxins cling to your hair and scalp, rendering once healthy and lustrous locks dry, dull and brittle. Frequent exposure to polluted air (even indoors!) can weaken and damage hair cuticles, choke hair follicles and irritate the scalp. As a result, you might experience one or more of these adverse effects:

• Oxidative stress as a result of free radical damage
• Excessive sebum secretion, the source of oily scalps
• Dandruff, or a flaky scalp
• Redness
• Colour fading
• Exacerbated hair loss


Renowned German haircare brand Schwarzkopf has designed a brand new range of products to safeguard against pollution damage. Consisting of a purifying shampoo, nourishing conditioner, shine-enhancing spray and deeply hydrating mask, the advanced Extra Care Purify & Protect range works to detox stressed hair and scalps, leaving you with smooth, weightless and healthy hair.

Its revolutionary Puricare technology provides a lightweight screen against polluting agents and dust for up to 72 hours, repairing damaged hair cuticles by sealing individual strands. Protein-packed Liquid Keratin plugs the holes in the damaged cuticle layer, restoring your hair’s silkiness, while Moringa Seed Extract nurtures your hair and scalp with antioxidants like vitamin A and zinc. Plus, the range is silicone- and colourant-free, so your hair is left looking smooth and shiny!

The Schwarzkopf Extra Care Purify & Protect range is available from $11.90, at selected Guardian and Watsons stores.