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Shu Uemura needs no introduction—you already love their Cleansing Oil, Eyelash Curler, Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil and Rouge Unlimited lipsticks. But Mr. Shu Uemura was never one to rest on best-seller laurels. Born from the same tireless dedication and innovative spirit he founded and built the brand upon is a grand evolution of the lip segment, with 25 new shades of red. Leading this history-making launch is RD163, Shu Uemura’s perfect red—a universally flattering shade on all Asian skin tones based on researched on over 3,000 women.

Anton Chuang, Shu Uemura Atelier Artist, was recently in Singapore for the launch of RD163 and shared why this is—and how to wear—“the perfect red”:

Anton Chuang, Shu Uemura Atelier Artist

The three finishes of RD163; Anton Chuang, Shu Uemura Atelier Artist

How would you describe the wearability and versatility of the Rouge Unlimited Matte RD163?
“The shade RD163 is an extremely versatile shade as it has the finest balance of yellow and blue tones that will enhance every Asian complexion. It is also a shade of red that will match varying dressing styles. The wearability and versatility of RD163 can be adapted depending on the application method (for example, to give it a more subtle red impression, use a pentagon sponge in the application in order to create a slightly smudged out effect; for a stronger impression, use a lip brush in the application or simply apply the Rouge Unlimited RD163 directly on lips).”

What are your tips and techniques used to wear the different textures of RD163 differently?
“A simple trick is to layer on the different textures of lipsticks. For example, wear Rouge Unlimited Matte RD163 in the day, then layer on the Rouge Unlimited Lacquer Shine RD163 for night events.”

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Matte RD163

What is the one look which you have created with the Rouge Unlimited Matte RD163?
“The look which I’ve created for the model is a look that fuses an element of character with an element of sweetness. The strong intense payoff of rouge unlimited matte RD163 with a defined lip shape gives the model an edgy look—one that has inner character. This is contrasted with the slightly sweet appeal of the red eyeshadow which was blended to give the look of a modern, fashion-forward appeal.”

What makes RD163 stand out from other red matte lipsticks around?
“Personally developed by Uchiide, Shu Uemura International Artistic Director, based on years of expertise and after working on thousands of real women, this shade of RD163 is more than a lipstick. It is the perfect red where one swipe of RD163 is a transformation, brightening the skin and in giving the skin a modern freshness.”

Why is a signature red lipstick the beauty product that all women should never be without
“A pure, timeless red lipstick goes beyond trends to beautify every single unique face.”

From top: RD163 in Matte, Satin and Lacquer Shine

From top: RD163 in Matte, Satin and Lacquer Shine

What is your first memory of makeup?
“My first memory of make-up was when I attended my cousin’s wedding as a young boy. It was the first time in which I’d seen my cousin in make-up, and it was a very real experience of seeing the transformative powers of make-up.”

What do you love most about being a Shu Uemura Atelier Artist?
“I love the ability to create limitless works and to explore different themes of make-up from season to season.”

How would you say you have evolved as a beauty expert and makeup artist over the years?
“When creating a piece work, I’ve learnt to put the concerns/requests of the person whom I am doing the make-up for as priority. If I had created a piece of make-up work which I had thoroughly enjoyed, but the person did not feel comfortable in—this is not considered a successful work of art to me.”

The three finishes of RD163

The three finishes of RD163

How has working with Shu Uemura changed your perspective towards makeup?
“Prior to joining Shu Uemura, I will only think about the usage of colours on the face (for example, to incorporate the various use of colours to match the theme of make-up in which I’d wanted to create). However, after joining Shu Uemura, I’d appreciated the understanding of facial contours – for example certain colours can be used in certain intensity on different facial parts to enhance the makeup.”

You are known for endless creative beauty looks. What inspires you?
“Travel is a constant source of inspiration—by taking in the unique sights and sounds which different countries have to offer. Otherwise, my daily inspiration comes from nature (for example, the change of season, the changes colour of nature greatly inspires me).”

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited RD163, $38, is available at all Shu Uemura counters and boutiques in Singapore and

Brought to you by Shu Uemura