Known For:

  • Creative Colouring: Flaunt a bold, refreshing new look with Picasso’s 3C Hair Art Colour Service, which serves to give your hair dimension and wow factor. It also won Best Hair Colouring (Ash) in our Hair Awards 2018.
  • Innovative Perms: In addition to popular styles like Korean Wave perm and C- or S-curls, the creative team at Picasso is always inventing new types of perms to keep you at the forefront of trends, such as freestyle and cushion perms.
  • Personalised Service: Every session begins with a detailed consultation, whereby Picasso’s highly-trained and attentive hair designers will carefully analyse your face shape and skin tone to determine the most flattering cut, colour or perm for you.


Inspired by the creativity of renowned artist Pablo Picasso, Picasso Hair Studio is an artistic salon which excels in innovative perms and high-quality colouring services. Their highly-trained and certified hairstylists, also called hair designers, constantly push themselves to innovate new colouring techniques or perms, so there is always something fresh to look forward to.

To protect your strands from damage, each perm and colour session includes before and after chemical treatments, and the salon recently expanded its services to include hair and scalp treatments with a dedicated therapist.


Men’s and women’s haircuts, styling, colour, perms, rebonding as well as hair and scalp treatments.


Cut, $48 and up; Creative Color Package $319 and up; Perm Package $299 and up. 

Meet The Team:

Carmen Chew

As Master Trainer at Picasso Hair Studio, Carmen has no less than 14 years of experience, which makes her highly proficient, intuitive and attentive when it comes to helping customers achieve their desired look. For her, hairdressing is artistic work and hair a fashion accessory to be worn, and she has been a finalist in many hairstyling competitions, including the L’Oreal Color Trophy 2017 and the Goldwell Color Zoom 2018.



Liu Ziwei

Creative Director Ziwei’s meticulous nature makes him an expert at transforming each client’s hair, be it colouring or perming. He trained under Picasso’s Master Trainer and co-founder Jesly, and is known for being able to replicate her chemical work to a T, producing results that are both beautiful and natural-looking.




Picasso Hair Studio is located at:

  • Bugis: 662 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188798, Tel: 6291 0691 
  • Tanjong Pagar: 146 Robinson Road, #02-01, Singapore 068909, Tel: 6224 0221 


A Picasso Hair Studio special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly.