1. Prime Your Lips 

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There’s nothing more unsightly than peeling or cracking lips, especially when you’re using a bold lip colour.

Just before applying lipstick, use a lip scrub (or your toothbrush) to remove dead skincells that could cause flaking. Next, apply a lip conditioner to soften and moisturise lips. Blot off the conditioner and aplly lipstick.

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2. Go For A Cherry Colour

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What you want is more of a cherry red instead of an orange red. Anything too orange could make your teeth look yellow.

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3. Play With Colour And Shading

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You can do a very bold lip, with the colour being very vivid.

If you are not confident about pulling that off, keep it light instead. Use a lip brush to put on a light layer of lipstick, blotting off any excess to create a stained look for more subtle red lips.

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4. Be Patient

How To Pull Off Classic Red Lips Every Day_3Finding the right shade of red that fits your skin tone, vein colour and natural lip colour can be difficult but with so many makeup brands out there, you’re bound to find one that fits you. So, don’t despair!

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5. Keep The Res of The Face Almost Bare

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Apply just a light base foundation and some highlighter or strobe cream on the cheeks. Alternatively, some eyeliner is alright if you don’t over do it.

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