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In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), qi is the vital energy, the life force that circulates throughout the body and flows along pathways known as meridians. Your health will suffer if the qi is deficient or blocked.

Eastern Meridian Point Massage is inspired by this concept of meridian system in TCM to treat certain ailments, relieve stress and enhance blood circulation. It targets vital points of this meridian network in the body, particularly those in the arms and legs.


The massage uses firm touches through the palm, fist and fingers to release the blockages, detoxifying and strengthening the meridian points to improve blood circulation for better wellness.

The massage is also designed to relieve tension. Step away from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in LifeSpa’s plush and spacious treatment room while an expert therapist kneads away the stress.

You’ll emerge recharged, rejuvenated and feeling healthier. The massage, however, is not suitable for pregnant women or when you are having your period.
At $278.20 (60 mins).

Enhance Your Health

Red Light Therapy
Here’s a way to get a healthy glow from top to toe. Red Light Therapy uses heat to help with blood circulation and promote healing. It also offers anti-inflammatory benefits. You can choose to use this therapy before, during or after your massage. Add it to your treatment for $128.

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