The world has become such a small place, and it’s easier than ever to learn about amazing skincare and why certain countries are famous for certain products. But you can’t always just hop on a plane and head across the world to do a little shopping. Which is why it’s always good to be able to get everything under one roof – enter, Sasa. From the research driven products of Switzerland, to the super cool brands coming out of Korea, Sasa is literally offering you a world of skincare all in one place. Check out the brands you can get from Sasa, based on what your skin needs.

WIN! A Holiday to Your Dream Beauty Destination

How exciting would it be to check out your favourite brands right where they’re made?
Stand a chance to win a trip to either Switzerland, Korea or Taiwan when you spend at
Sasa! Simply purchase $300 of La Colline products to win a La Colline experience tour to
Switzerland; $100 of NoTS products for a NoTS experience tour to Korea; or $100 of
Neogence products for a Neogence experience tour to Taiwan.

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