Every morning you settle into your desk with a cup of coffee around 9 am to catch up on yesterday’s emails. Fast-forward five hours and you realize you haven’t gotten up from your seat once.

There are some very scary effects of leading a mostly sedentary lifestyle and this includes sitting or lying down for more than just a couple of hours a day. We look at how resting on our rears can affect the body negatively and what we can to do minimise the impact on our health:

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If you have to sit, choose wisely! You can beat the harmful effects of being too sedentary by engaging your muscles as often as you can throughout the day by changing the way you sit. Experts call this active sitting and it’s as simple as switching up the chair you use at work or at home.

Kokuyo’s ing chair means sitting no longer has to be staying still.

The Ing chair by Kokuyo is specially designed to keep you moving, even when you’re sitting.

How? It features an innovative 360-degree gliding mechanism that engages your core and keeps your muscles active. In short, it mimics the action of sitting on an exercise ball but with all the ergonomic comfort that perching on an actual chair provides.

“We’ve always looking to drive up our market leadership by providing solutions for the workforce, especially here where office executives who spend up to seven hours sitting are looking for ways to improve their physical health and psychological wellbeing,” says Hiro Yamaoka, Managing Director of Kokuyo Singapore.

Tests conducted by the heritage 113-year-old Japanese brand also found that users who ‘sitxercise’ on the Kokuyo Ing chair demonstrated higher levels of concentration. Great news for those of us that suffer from brain fog at the office!

We were lucky enough to be able to pay a visit to the Kokuyo headquarters in Tokyo, Japan to catch a glimpse into how their office in Shinagawa functions. Kokuyo believes that health and wellness extends to the office too, and have created a work space that combines design and style to create solutions for the average office worker.

We also spoke to Mr Hidekuni Kuroda, Kokuyo’s President and CEO, who gave in some insight into the company’s legacy and its drive towards innovative solutions for offices of the future: