pillow sleep

#1 Sleeping on dirty pillowcases

You might not notice it, but the oil secretion and sweat from your hair gets transferred onto your pillowcase while you sleep, and might eventually end up on your face (especially if you’re a side sleeper). Change your pillowcase often, or if you’re afraid of running out of pillowcases, slide your pillow into a clean T-shirt and throw it into the wash in the morning.


#2 Resting your head on your hand

Between typing on your keyboard (which is in fact dirtier than your toilet bowl), handling stationery and using the phone, plenty of bacteria accumulates on your hands. Resting your head on your palms,or even touching your face frequently, transfers all these grime to your face.

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#3 Putting a dirty phone to your face

We’re constantly on our phones and many of us are guilty of having a phone screen marred by oily finger marks. Imagine all that transferring onto your jawline! It might take a lot of effort since most of us are perpetually glued to our phones, but give it a good wipe whenever the screen gets gross.

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#4 Over washing your skin

You might think that oily skin requires more frequent washing to rid it of sebum, but over-washing your face might end up stripping skin of its essential oils, stimulating it to produce more sebum in an attempt to hydrate it.

#5 Your hair products

Whether it’s hair oil, leave-in treatment of styling products, hair products might contain oils or silicones which might transfer onto your face and cause pimples. Try wearing your hair up, or avoid these products if you can.

#6 Dirty makeup brushes

If you can’t remember the last time you’ve washed your makeup brushes, chances are you might actually have a few spots on your face right now. Makeup brushes retain moisture from products which make excellent breeding grounds for bacteria.

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