Brought to you by + orbisAfter a long day in your makeup, you’d want everything to come off fast, and most makeup removers do a pretty decent job. But no matter how gentle the formula is, your face sometimes feels tight and a little sensitive. According to ORBIS, this could be because some makeup removers have a hard time distinguishing cosmetics, grime and suncare from skin’s natural lipids, taking off the whole lot as it goes about its job. By removing the lipids that hold cells together and prevent moisture from escaping, you’re left with a dehydrated mien that’s susceptible to fine lines, wrinkling and sagging.

SW0816A_Orbis_The Cleansing One
ORBIS The Cleansing One

Sensor Catch Technology in The Cleansing One claims to be selective in what it removes, finding its way into makeup clusters to break up the party without drying our visages. For added protection and anti-ageing benefits, the oil-free formula also creates a moisture-rich environment, rejuvenating skin’s metabolism and activating enzymes that would support formation of healthy cells.

ORBIS Powder Wash +

Powder Wash + works as a facial wash for deep pore cleansing but it does not have to be used every day.  You can substitute your regular cleanser with Powder Wash + at least two to four times a week after removing your makeup. The powder lathers up quickly in palms with lukewarm water. Enzymes in the gentle formula then work quickly to break down excess sebum and keratin – components of dreaded black and whiteheads – encapsulating the build-up in the thick foam so you can easily wash it away. Like The Cleansing One, the allergy-tested Powder Wash + is chock-full of hydrating ingredients – namely hyaluronic acid, collagen and royal jelly extract – which supposedly improve moisture and firmness as well as an improved pore condition. With regular use of this power pair, expect improved blemish-free skin that feels silky and comfortable.


From July 22 to August 18, 2016, enjoy 10 per cent off this power pair. Pick up The Cleansing One at $34.20 (usual price $38), and the Powder Wash + at $22.50 (UP $25). Available at ORBIS counters and stores islandwide. Visit for locations and updates.

Brought to you by ORBIS.
As featured in the August 2016 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly.