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#1 Having an eye emergency?

Let’s get real here, guys. Undereye sagging and bagging are terrible tell-tale signs of tiredness and torpor. Happily, yours truly has an eye for hunting down the best beauty hacks. Scroll through the following slides to get an eyeful of my top tricks for the most dynamic de-puffing action yet.

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#2 Here’s a tea-rrific idea

Hello, brew-tiful! The astringent tannins from tea are a tried-and-tested way of lending an instant lift to your lids. Simply recycle used tea bags by chucking them in an airtight container in the fridge, for easy retrieval whenever you need a quick fix. Slap them on like you would any cold compress, kick up your kitten heels for five minutes or so, then whip off for a radically reinvigorated visage.

Dior One Essential Eye Serum, $110
Try: Dior One Essential Eye Serum, $110

#3 To depuff, you must detoxify

For starters, try keeping an eye out for caffeine in the labels of your depuffing eye creams – I’ll wager a beauty bet that it’ll be there. Why? Well, “topical coffee” is a superb stimulant for soothing saggy skin under your eyes and indeed, just about anywhere on your face and body.

Or harness the power of flowers with Dior’s delightfully opulent One Essential Eye Serum, $110, a fabulous fatigue fighter with a dedicated detoxifying bouquet of red hibiscus plucked from Dior gardens dotted across the globe. Simply tap a tiny rice-sized smidgen of the eye elixir onto your lower lids and you’re good to go – the cooling concoction cuts through my creases and crinkles like chilled cucumbers and ice. An amazing addition to your beauty arsenal!

One more thing. Here’s a bonus tip when it comes to application: More isn’t more. If you pile on the product, the excess will only inch itself into your eyes and irritate them into watery redness. To save yourself from tears, wait two minutes, then blot off any residual cream that hasn’t been absorbed.

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#4 Beat your bags away

If you’re particularly puffy from pulling too many all-nighters, try this neat little eye-xercise after applying your eye cream. Using your ring finger and starting from the inner corners, press gently for about five seconds, inching outwards at five-second intervals. This bit is important: Fanning outwards aids in funnelling accumulated fluid into lymphatic channels for drainage.

All told, that’d be five seconds of pressure close to the tear ducts; five seconds at the midway point directly below your pupils, and a final five seconds at the tapering end of your lash-line. Be sure to spend a couple of seconds to focus on the pressure points at the brow bone as well as on the inner and outer eye corners, which are the key areas for the drainage of toxins. This prodding of your pressure points prompts further fluid drainage, plus it’ll feel pretty darn good after a long day of eyeballing your electronic devices. All told, the entire shebang should take no more than five minutes, tops. Easy peasy!

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And when all else fails …

Time to brandish the big guns, guys. Consider plumping up your under-eye region with hyaluronic acid fillers. Crucial caveat: Always practise due diligence by seeking professional advice from a licensed aesthetic doctor.

That said, here’s a quick test to see if you’re a good candidate: Simply peer down into a mirror placed flat on a table. If you spy shadowy hollows under your eye, a judicious shot of filler injected deep into the dermis in that region (impress your doctor by referring to it as the “tear trough”) can replace lost volume and make you appear like you’ve had a solid eight hours of sleep daily. How’s that for a booster shot of instant gratification?

Right, then. ”Eye” trust this has been an eye-opener of a read. Good luck, panda-eyed people!

Text: Eugene Quek, Her World Plus / Additional reporting: Arissa Ha 

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