How To Tackle Major Skin Emergencies Before A Big Event - Featured


You may be ready for the dinners and parties this holiday season but your skin may not agree with you. Now what? Instead of reaching out for the best concealers in your makeup arsenal in a bid to hide your flaws, we suggest you dive deeper to target the root of your skin concerns.


A number of factors can contribute to skin redness – rosacea, inflammation, allergy, the weather and even stress. Although a splash of chilly water can help calm skin by constricting the blood vessels, sometimes you need a bit more than that. Soothing products can help repair damaged skin, or boost resilience.


The biggest culprit for fatigued skin, dehydration causes a number of problems – skin loses its natural glow, lines are enhanced, dry flakes start to form and makeup just doesn’t apply properly. While hydrating serums and moisturisers are sufficient for your daily skincare regimen, sometimes you need to pull out the big guns.


Skin dullness can manifest when dead surface skin accumulates, making it look like you have a permanent grey filter over your skin. Slough off dullness with a clarifying mask, which not only gently exfoliates, but also regulates sebum control so skin appears brighter and more even in tone.

Puffy Eyes

The area that is most telling when you don’t get enough rest, the delicate eye area requires a lot of TLC in addition to a careful selection of products that are both nourishing but doesn’t feel too heavy on skin.