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Problem: Wrinkles (or Runners’ Face)

Possible culprit: Vigorous or high-impact exercises

Gravity is one of the worse enemies of skin ageing and with high-impact exercises, you’re constantly working the muscles on your face which might lead to sagging skin and wrinkles. If you’re worried about premature skin ageing, try lower impact workouts like yoga, pilates, swimming or power walking instead.

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Problem: Breakouts

Possible culprit(s): Grime, sweat and sebum

It’s inevitable to sweat buckets during your workout, and for some of us, the more sweat, the better! However, grime and dirt can end up sticking to the skin and clogging up pores in the process. This often leads to inflammation and breakouts. To avoid this, lay off makeup while exercising and bring along face wipes to cleanse skin directly after your workout.

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Problem: Bacne (or back acne)

Possible culprit: Workout clothes

Wear light and breathable clothing if you’re prone to back acne. Polyester and other synthetic blends tend to stay wet with sweat and clogs up pores on your back. Pick good ol’ cotton, or opt for one of those dry-touch fabrics instead.

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Problem: Sun damage

Possible culprit: Lack of UV protection

Whether you’re running outdoors or at the gym, you’re constantly exposed to UV ray when you exercise (unless you exercise at night, of course). This is one of the easiest problems to fix though, just wear protective clothing and always apply sunscreen.

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