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If you’re seeking a skincare revolution that will transform the way your skin looks and feels, look no further. The new Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence sets the standard for clarified and radiant skin that feels smooth to the touch. Lancôme’s newest scientific chapter begins with the use of enzymes to unlock the secret to skin clarity – improving skin texture and tone for unmatched radiance.

30 years of research

on epidermal enzymes and skin quality
Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence


The story of enzymes goes way back 4.1 billion years, in fact, to when life began on Earth. Enzymes are substances produced by living organisms that act as catalysts for biochemical reactions.

Simply put, enzymes are nature’s way of accelerating reactions. In the skin, enzymes are involved in major functions like the elimination of dead skin cells, regulation of melanin production, hydration, and skin cell regeneration. The inherent link between enzymes and beautiful skin led researchers at L’Oreal to study them for over 30 years, resulting in the discovery of new epidermal enzymes, and the eventual formulation of the Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence – the ultimate essence that helps to reduce skin dullness and the appearance of enlarged pores.

Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence


In order to improve skin’s enzymatic functions, the French Beech bud is selected for its unique properties and abundance of polyphenols, amino acids, and sugars which are beneficial to the skin.

On top of that, the benefits of this ingredient are further enhanced after being processed through an advanced green biotech procedure, resulting in a powerful extract that stimulates cell metabolism, and the production of proteins that aid in the improvement of skin structure and quality. This Beech bud extract in Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence also helps to regulate cell shedding, gently exfoliating dull surface skin to refine texture and improve overall clarity.

3% Essence with Grapeseed oil

Hydrates and nourishes skin
Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence


Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence is formulated with an oil and water phase. The top layer consists of grapeseed oil, floating above the clear essence which is infused with French Beech bud extracts and glycolic acid to clarify your skin.

Grapeseed oil is rich in linoleic acid – a fatty acid that is vital to the formation of ceramides and the prevention of transepidermal water loss. Grapeseed oil also has nourishing and hydrating properties which help to boost skin vitality, resulting in a beautiful and clear complexion. To combine the two phases, simply shake the bottle. The design-patented whisk within the bottle generates micro bubbles and creates an optimal blend of the two phases. The resulting mixture feels lightweight on the skin, absorbing quickly to infuse skin with hydration, without making it feel heavy or greasy.

97% Organic French Beech Bud

To accelerate natural skin exfoliation
Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence


For radiant skin that glows from within, incorporate Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence along with the Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum as part of your brightening skincare routine.

Formulated without silicone, perfume, mineral oil, parabens and colourants, the Dual Essence is suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. Results have shown that Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence gives you visibly brighter and smoother skin in just one week. Over four weeks, women saw an improvement in skin tone, texture, smoothness, radiance, and pore size.

Refined, brighter skin in 4 weeks

Lancôme Clarifique Dual Essence

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