How To Remove Halloween Makeup The Right Way -
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#1 De-sparkle first

Sequins, gemstones, scales – remove whatever you stuck on with glue first as it’s unlikely for makeup remover to be able to reach in between them to dissolve the glue. It’ll also prevent the embellishments from sliding around and potentially scratching your skin.

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#2 Use an oil-based cleanser

Most Halloween makeup like face paints are designed to last longer on the skin. They usually contain oils, waxes and silicone that are hard to break down using regular makeup removers. Use two to three pumps on dry skin and rub in gentle, circular motions to dissolve makeup. Then, add water to emulsify the oil into a milky liquid and rinse off until clean.

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#3 Focus on the eyes

At this point of time, there will still be remnants of eye makeup that lingers (great job on that A+ eye makeup application). Saturate a cotton pad with an eye makeup remover and press gently on your eye for about five seconds, then wipe away. Holding it down (as opposed to just rubbing at it) gives the solution time to break down the makeup, plus it’s more gentle on your eye area.

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#4 Spot cleaning matters

By now, most of the makeup would be gone, but there may be some hard-to-reach areas like the hairline, ear and neck that still have traces of makeup lingering. Use cotton pads saturated with gentle micellar water to spot-clean those areas.

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#5 Get the glitter

Glitter is notoriously hard to remove and if you still have bits of glitter sticking onto your skin, try using good ‘ol fashion tape to remove them. Fashion tape is safe for use on the skin and doesn’t leave sticky bits behind – just dab them on the areas you see a shiny speck.

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#6 Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Good job on going through all the steps for a thorough cleanse. After all your skin has been though, you’ll need to give it some TLC with a moisturiser, Halloween makeup can be pretty drying, especially after wearing it for the entire night. Feel free to use a sleeping mask to give it an extra boost of moisture!

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