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The clean beauty movement has evolved. What started as a beauty trend offering toxin-free, vegan, cruelty-free and/or eco-friendly products is now much more. It has transformed into a movement driven by conscious consumerism, as well as a stronger awareness for climate change to include skincare essentials and purposeful simplicity.

There is a refocus on the essentials and what makes a difference. These days, consumers look towards thoughtfully formulated cosmetics that contain only good-for-you ingredients. They cut back on their skincare steps for their beauty routines. This is not because they want to specifically go back to basics but because they only want to use what they need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Enter Rooki Beauty – A Clean Beauty Champion

And that’s exactly what Singapore clean beauty brand Rooki Beauty aims to do for you. The brand wants to pack more into its products in an effort to help streamline your skincare routine.

It offers three multi-benefit skincare products with a horde of superfoods. What’s more, these product formulations do not contain potentially toxic ingredients such as mineral oil and artificial fragrances.

According to Rooki Beauty’s founder Hayley Teo, the brand is also about offering a skincare line that is so easy to understand that even a rookie can use. “I think skincare should be simple, but (also) still fun, which is why we have a basic yet colourful bar on each of our product,” Hayley adds.

Singaporean clean beauty brand Rooki offers just three skincare products.

Powerful Skincare Basics

Rooki Beauty’s minimal line features skincare essentials: a face cleanser, a moisturiser and a mask. And you don’t necessarily need to use all three products every day.

Firstly, the Rooki Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops works as a gentle and nourishing cleanser and can be used daily. After you have cleansed your skin, apply the Rooki Superfood Saviour Creme. This is an all-rounder, anti-ageing face moisturiser. And finally, the Rooki Green Pulp Paste Masque is a skin-brightening and hydrating mask. It can be used before the moisturiser, and for up to two to three days a week.

Each product is made using multiple superfoods as core active ingredients to give you the best with a straightforward and effective routine.

From matcha and lingonberry to kale and chia seeds, superfoods have long become guardians of our beauty routines. For instance, chia seeds contain antioxidants and can help speed up skin repair.

Clean Chemistry

Within the clean beauty movement, many are quick to advocate the use of natural ingredients. Some portray chemicals in a bad light. The truth is, natural ingredients can also be toxic and some synthetic (chemical) ingredients can be harsh on the skin.

“When I removed products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol denat and methylparaben, my skin cleared up almost immediately,” explains Hayley. She had acne-ridden skin and red, splotchy patches previously.

For Rooki Beauty, she believes in combining clean, healthy superfood extracts with high-performing, clinically-proven actives. This way, consumers get the best of both worlds in nothing more than skincare essentials.

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A Rooki Beauty Special, by The Singapore Women’s Weekly