Simple And Pain-free Ways To Get Fuller Lips Without The Need For Lip Fillers - lip biting

#1 Stop biting your lips

First we need to set up some ground rules for a pretty pucker. Don’t bite your lips. Firstly, they damage surface cells which ends up making lips dry and chapped. Plus, they accelerate collagen loss as biting weakens and damages them. If you want lips to look plumper for longer, you need to break this habit right now. 


#2 Apply lip balm

Lip balms aren’t a staple only when you’re on a vacation during winter, they’re necessary for keeping lips moisturised at all times. Dry lips often emphasize and deepen the lines on the lips, which are which are further exacerbated when you apply lipstick. 

Some lip balms are infused with hyaluronic acid, a type of humectant is able to hold several times its weight in water, allowing lips to look plumper. Another thing to look out for in lip balms, is sun protection. Many of us are conscientious enough to put on sunscreen all over our face but still neglect the lips. UV damage can cause collagen to weaken, and over time, lips would look less plump and full, so remember to load up on lip balms with SPF.  

Simple And Pain-free Ways To Get Fuller Lips Without The Need For Lip Fillers - lip scrub

#3 Scrub a dub dub

Sugar lip scrubs are a good (and not to mention delicious) way of getting rid of dry flakes on the lips. Try not to peel them as you might end up bleeding, and definitely do not try scraping them off with your teeth (re-read point #1 if you have to). 

If you don’t have a scrub handy, try brushing lips gently with a clean tooth brush. The keyword here is ‘gently’ as you don’t want to irritate or damage your lips too much. 

Simple And Pain-free Ways To Get Fuller Lips Without The Need For Lip Fillers

#4 Use lip plumpers


Not all lip plumpers are made equal. Most commercial lip plumpers actually use mint to irritate the lips enough to make them appear fuller. While the effects can be amazing, they’re often short term and terrible to use if you have sensitive skin. 

However, there are other lip plumpers that work on promoting collagen production or increasing hyaluronic acid content within lips to help them appear fuller. The results may not be as immediate and dramatic, but with long term use would yield favourable results. Look out for lip plumpers containing palmitoyl oligopeptide which stimulate collagen production, and hyaluronic acid. 

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