If there’s one product that most women have heard about from South Korean beauty brand Sulwhasoo, it would be the First Care Activating Serum. The pre-serum ranks right up there with other skincare essentials in many women’s everyday beauty routine.

In fact, Sulwhasoo studies showed that regular use of the iconic product for 10 years had the effect of making one look younger by up to 13.3 years.

A little background: Sulwhasoo combines thousands of years of accumulated knowledge of traditional Korean medicine with advanced science and patented technology to offer skincare that targets the causes of ageing at the root.

And just like how traditional Asian medicine works, Sulwhasoo skincare products focus on the source of the problem, rather than treating ailments temporarily.

The First Care Activating Serum, first launched in 1997, is now in its fifth iteration. Like all its predecessors, it targets the signs of ageing, helping to awaken skin’s dormant energy to repair, revive and refresh it so you look more youthful.

But what’s different about 2020’s formula is that it does this even better, marrying a new ingredient complex with a discovery about skin.

Breakthrough #1: Jumpstarting Your Skin’s Potential

Relying on data mining and analytics, Sulwhasoo scientists managed to work through a mind-boggling list of 1,041 medicinal herbs and 3,912 formulas to create what the brand calls the JAUM Activator, which is used in the upgraded formula.

The analysis also gave researchers an insight into the benefits of each of the 1,000-plus ingredients. This allowed them to uncover the optimal blend, also known as the golden ratio, of the five key ingredients (lotus, Solomon’s seal, white lily, peony and rehmannia) found in the upgraded JAUM Activator.

The result: a potent formula that promises to boost skin’s potential with a 10 per cent increase in antioxidation, working even better to target your hydration, radiance, skin-smoothing and skin-nourishment needs.

Breakthrough #2: Fixing Skin From the Inside

But this was not all that Sulwhasoo scientists found. Their breakthrough discovery is the Early Growth Response 3 (EGR3) gene, which the brand has dubbed the Skin Master Factor. This gene regulates the speed and pattern of skin ageing, and is responsible for 23 different skin factors that work together to keep skin healthy and youthful.

Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum is a culmination of patented and advanced bio-tech that takes care of skin from the inside out, and goes back to the brand’s philosophy of addressing skin concerns at the root.

How the serum supposedly works: The new JAUM Activator ingredient complex helps revitalise the Skin Master Factor. This then helps promote skin regeneration and reduce the look of skin ageing. The serum stimulates the skin’s regenerative and protective abilities by “waking up” the Skin Master Factor. At the same time, it strengthens skin barrier function so skin can better shield itself against environmental aggressors, as well as keep bacteria and other nasties out.

Bacteria may seem like a normal part of life, but Sulwhasoo scientists found that as we age, the amount of harmful bacteria on the skin also increases. This then accelerates the visible signs of ageing.

The JAUM Activator promises to help balance the ratio of healthy and harmful bacteria on the skin – harmful bacteria fell by 47 per cent, while beneficial bacteria increased by 98 per cent. Healthy bacteria keeps skin strong and protected against irritants and outside aggressors.

The result: Skin looks healthy, radiant, youthful – and is protected from the get-go.

The Result: Revived, Refreshed Skin

One bottle. Over eight weeks of use. The 539 South Korean testers, all women, who used Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum over this duration, reported a minimum of 50 per cent improvement when it came to skin hydration, radiance, clarity and brightness. They also reported a 52 per cent improvement in skin barrier function, and a reduction of 5 per cent in the look of wrinkles.

In short, the iconic serum is not just a booster treatment, but an anti-ageing activator that awakens skin, helping it work and look younger. It’s easy to use too: Just apply it once in the morning and night, after cleansing, and before your first serum.

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