The Penis Facial And Other Weird Facial Treatments That Celebs Are Going Crazy For - Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett and The “Penis Facial”

Before you freak out at the idea of having something phallic near your face, this facial treatment was named “penis facial” as it extracts stem cells from the circumcised foreskin of Korean babies. We don’t know how that is supposed to make us feel better about it but both Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock have tried out the facial and it’s supposed to help with elastin and collagen regeneration. 

Where do they harvest these foreskin? Who decided it was a good trigger for collagen regeneration? Too many questions and too little answers.

Kim Kardashian and The Vampire Facial

This image looks like something out of a murder-mystery film but it’s actually less cynical. The Vampire Facial actually uses your own blood which is centrifuged to obtain the platelets, are then mixed in with hyaluronic acid based fillers (like Juvederm or Restylane) and then injected back into the face. This treatment is said to boost skin’s regenerative powers and improve the appearance of wrinkles. 

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham and The Nightingale Facial

The Nightingale Facial sounds really fancy and all, but wait till you hear what goes into it. Bird poo. Specifically nightingale poo, and the practice actually dates back to the 17th century Japan, during the Edo period, where geishas discovered that the enzymes found in the excrement are able to repair their skin which is damaged from makeup containing high concentrations of mercury (yikes). Victoria Beckham reportedly visited Japan and was intrigued by the use of nightingale poo and found a place in New York which offers this very strange treatment. Even Posh Spice is not above smearing bird poop on her face. 

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Bee Venom

Gwyneth has been a source of unconventional beauty tips (remember vagina steaming?), and getting stung by bees definitely ranks high. According to a 2016 interview with The New York Times, Gwyneth mentioned being stung by bees, or Apitherapy, has been used to help with inflammation and scarring. Some people have been known to have severe allergic reaction to bee venom so attempt with caution! 

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Jennifer Lopez and the Placenta Facial

JLo doesn’t seem to have aged at all in the last decade and maybe the placenta facials had something to do with it. Like the “Penis Facial”, we have no idea where these human placentas are harvested from, but they’re rich in protein and iron, and reportedly aids in skin regeneration. 

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