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#1 Sun Damage

Lips have little to no melanin which means they are more susceptible to sun damage. Coupled with the fact that most of us forget to apply lip products containing SPF means that skin on your lips are more prone to premature ageing. 

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Simple And Pain-free Ways To Get Fuller Lips Without The Need For Lip Fillers - lip biting

#2 Biting your lips

As with many other repetitive moments, biting your lips causes stress on the underlying muscles and cells beneath the surface. The damage may not be immediate, but over time, can break down collagen and cause lips to lose its fullness. 


#3 Wearing drying lip products

We love matte lipsticks as much as the next person, but it’s important to keep lips moisturised. As skin on your lips have no oil glands, it means they are prone to dryness and flaking. It’s completely fine to wear matte lipsticks, so long as you remember to hydrate and exfoliate after. 

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#4 Drinking from straws

We know drinking from straws is actually better for your teeth but the constant pursing of lips actually causes lines to form around the lips. While we’re not asking you to give up using straws completely, be mindful of how hard you’re sucking and don’t use more strength then necessary when drinking with a straw. 

#5 Smoking

Like drinking from a straw and biting your lips, smoking is also a constant repetitive movement which causes stress on the lips and its surrounding muscles. What makes it worse is the darkening of lips due to staining, and the fact that the toxic smoke actually causes collagen to break down even faster compared to a non-smoker. 

Bottom line is, snuff out the cigarette if you want fuller lips in the long run.

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