When it comes to ageing gracefully, Japanese women have it perfected to an art form. Get the ageless appearance of a Goddess with Megami no Lifty Lifty by RBP, a revolutionary lifting cream that makes anti-ageing skincare a veritable breeze. Wildly popular in Japan, this cream is formulated with a potent blend of peptides, botanical stem cells, and special minerals to give your face a visible lift. A godsend for sagging skin, it combats lines and furrows most apparent around the eyes, nose, and jaws. Find out how you can combat these unwanted signs of ageing with these simple steps:

Bright Eyes

The skin around our eyes are especially thin and delicate, and crow’s feet are usually amongst the first signs of ageing to appear. Reverse these effects with Megami no Lifty Lifty: simply apply a rice-grain sized drop to your fingers, and gently massage upwards and outwards five times on each side. Make sure to focus on the corner of your eyes, as well as under your eyes, to combat fine lines.

Say Cheese

Some people have more prominent smile lines than others, and contrary to its name, it’s not usually something we would smile about. Eliminate smile lines by massaging the lifting cream in an outwards motion away from your nose. Unlike other lifting products, this cream does not leave your skin feeling uncomfortably tight, so you can apply this before makeup for results that will last throughout the day.



Do not neglect the skin around your neck and jaw – maintain a firm, V-shaped jawline at any age with this handy product. Just pat a pea-sized amount on each side of your neck and face, and gently massage upwards towards your ears, to enjoy an immediate tightening effect. Special minerals penetrate your skin to stretch and hold their shape, giving a lasting lift.

Over and Under

One of the key benefits of this firming cream is that it can be used before and after makeup. Enhance the lifting effects by applying a miniscule amount of this potent cream on your temples, and around your jawline, for a midday boost. The handy packaging of this cream is slim enough to fit into even the smallest of purses, so you can look good anytime, anywhere.

Megami no Lifty Lifty is available at Tokyu Hands:

  • #01-36/37, Westgate
  • #B1-07, Orchard Central
  • #02-306/359/361/362/371/373/374, Suntec City

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