Korean Actress Lee Young-Ae's Secret Formula To Fair, Radiant Skin

As we age, pigmentation and dark patches start to surface, especially around the cheeks due to sun exposure. These dark spots makes the skin appear patchy and dulls the overall complexion. Sunscreens do well to prevent the formation of melanin, but not for existing spot – that’s where whitening and brightening skincare products come in. 

The new History of Whoo Radiant White Moisture Cream is able to simultaneously break down melanin while inhibiting its formation, thus diminishing the appearance of dark spots. At the same time, skin is hydrated and skin cell regeneration is improved for fair, radiant skin.

Like the rest of The History of Whoo products, the Radiant White Moisture Cream’s efficacy lies in the traditional Korean royal court formula used by empresses. Here’s how it works:

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Wild Chrysanthemum 

Known for its ‘cooling’ effect in Chinese medicine, Wild Chrysanthemum provides intense hydration while soothing it. The Wild Chrysanthemum used in the Radiant White Moisture Cream is extracted using a unique cold processing method to minimise the loss of natural moisture. 



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Jinjusamsan™ Complex

This traditional Oriental formula includes South Sea Pearls and Cultivated Wild Ginseng which promotes skin clarity by inhibiting the formation of melanin. Skin will appear translucent, with a glow that comes from within. 

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Chilhyangpalbaeksan Complex

The Chilhyangpalbaeksan Complex is a potent blend of 15 Oriental herbs, including sandalwood, red mandarin, white ginseng and tuckhoe, that promote skin health and reduce melanin production. 

Seolgamsan Complex

Inspired by one of the Four Royal Beauties of China Yang Gui Fei, the Seolgamsan Complex includes a combination of nourishing ingredients like lychee and longan that are known to be Yan Gui Fei’s favourites. The formula boosts skin cell regeneration and promotes skin translucency while hydrating skin. 

When used on skin, the unique water drop texture of The History of Whoo Radiant White Moisture Cream releases encapsulated water droplets, allowing the product to intensely hydrate skin. Its ingredients’ small molecular size allows it to penetrate deeper into the dermis for maximum efficacy. Using the cold processing method, the Wild Chrysanthemum water extracted is more concentrated, making it 10 times more potent compared to traditional extraction methods. 

Purchase The History of Whoo Radiant White Moisture Cream online, and enjoy free delivery with a special gift set, or head down to any of The History of Whoo counters or pop-up store to experience the Radiant White Moisture cream for yourself. 

This History of Whoo is located at: 

  • The History of Whoo TANGS at Tang Plaza L1, Tel: 62685850
  • The History of Whoo Takashimaya Pop-up store, Cosmetics Department, Takashimaya Department Store, L1 (From 18 to 31 May 17)
  • The History of Whoo TANGS Vivocity, Level 1 (Opening in Jun 2017)

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