10 Beauty Tricks SQ Girls Practice To Look Gorgeous All The Time

The game-changer

Korea has an excellent track record for constantly dishing out innovative beauty products, from sleeping masks to BB cushions, and they don’t seem to have signs of stopping. This new product, unlike the rest of the seven-step Korean beauty routine (or 11, whichever you prefer), actually saves you time.

Blithe Patting Splash Mask, US$48, from Glow Recipe

Making a splash

Enter the splash mask. Unlike essences and lotions, splash masks are super concentrated and formulated with hydrating botanical ingredients and a dash of lactic acid to soothe and re-texturise skin.


How to use it

With the Blithe Patting Splash Mask, you really just need a cap full of the concentrated formula added to about 700 ml of water (or a ratio of 1:100 if you prefer to adjust it on your own). Apply it to your face by splashing it and gently pat it in when you’re done.

This means if you have time to wash your face, you definitely have time to apply a mask now. We can definitely get in on this trend.

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