Turn skin problems around with just one session of the Luminous Max Skin Booster treatment. At the heart of the treatment is the Lumi Max Cocktail; it utilises the Luminous Max Technology developed in Korea and approved by KFDA, which improves skin hydration, brightness, collagen synthesis and overall skin texture.

The key brightening ingredients in this cocktail (vitamin C and arbutin) suppress melanin cell production, brightening your skin. This all-natural formulation can even decrease the buildup of hyperpigmentation, restoring your complexion to its youthful radiance. A host of anti-ageing ingredients further infuses the skin with strong antioxidant effects to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

It can even lift and tone sagging skin by smoothing out lines and reducing sagging jowls, giving you a tauter and more contoured visage. Lastly, this deeply moisturising treatment also improves skin texture by minimising bumps and enlarged pores, so you can wake up to clear and radiant skin every day.

Brighten and Hydrate

Take the glow up a notch in the comfort of your own home with these products

Diamond Shine Eye
Specially crafted to target fine lines, dark circles, and eye bags, this nourishing eye mask effectively moisturises and revitalises the delicate eye area to brighten and lift. At $58.

Aqua Moisture Wash
Give your skin a deep dose of hydration with this moisturising facial wash, which also boasts a unique formulation featuring TeloYouth™ complex to unveil naturally bright and youthful skin. At $88.

Understanding that everyone has different skin types and concerns, Bellezza Aesthetics tailors their facial to suit each customer’s needs. Each of their experienced therapist is also trained in facial massages which aid in lymphatic drainage and circulation. Visit Bellezza Aesthetics at #04-13 Wheelock Place, or call 6223 2533 for more information. 

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