End the year on a fresh note – undo months or even years of neglect in just three weeks. Whether you are guilty of skimping on sunscreen, blasting your skin with harsh air conditioning, or clocking in too many late nights, Porcelain’s trio of award-winning aesthetic treatments – Proionic Treatment, Illuminate treatment and Sun Rescue Treatment – will wipe away all your beauty sins, and restore your skin to stunning radiance.

STEP 1: Reset The Clock
Fatigue and environmental stressors can throw your skin out of balance. Porcelain Proionic Facial taps into a unique long-wave radiofrequency technology to restore your skin’s natural ion balance.

This 90-minute treatment effortlessly flushes out toxins and enhances lymphatic drainage. It revives lifeless skin by allowing oxygen to reach cells that need it the most, and reduces puffiness for a gorgeous V-shaped face.

To enhance your lovely facelift, a special electrode raises your skin’s internal temperature and boosts collagen production as well. Bonus points for the ultra-indulging thermal facial massage, soothing cucumber mask and stress-busting shoulder massage at the end of the treatment.

STEP 2: Radiance Infusion
Achieve head-turning luminosity with the Porcelain Illuminate Facial. This 75-minute brightening fix lifts off dullness with an ultra-fine diamond tip and infuses your skin with oxygen. A special white wine peel with 20 per cent multi-fruit acid complex then sloughs off dead skin cells and revitalises skin with polyphenols.

Enjoy the unique OxyPulse Massage, which is formulated with an antioxidant-rich Floral Essence. Then, your skin will be deeply quenched with a concoction of hyperbaric oxygen combined with ultra-hydrating ingredients such as damascena rose, ginseng and witch hazel. A luxurious Hydrocare Biocellulose Mask seals in benefits at the end of this treatment for a lit-from-within radiance.

STEP 3: Moisture Surge
Want to have that dewy translucence of K-Pop stars? Now you can. End your three-week beauty reboot with the Porcelain Sun Rescue Facial, which goes beyond sun repair. This 60-minute miracle-worker soothes sensitive, irritated and/or tired skin with a moisture-kissed glow.

Porcelain uses a cutting-edge Cryotherapy technology that works to cool and calm skin via a cryoprobe of -10°C, and delivers stabilised aloe vera deep into the skin for accelerated repair. Your skin is then treated to a hyperbaric oxygen and customised serum infusion, as well as a calming cucumber mask to lock in moisture, ease you into deep relaxation, and finally complete this luxe rejuvenating programme on a high note.

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Brought to you by Porcelain.
As featured in the November 2016 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly.