The long weekend means unwinding with the comfiest of footwear – slippers. We’re all guilty of wearing them. They might look boho cool but when it comes to foot health, flip flops or toe thong sandals are best kept for the beach. The problem is they have no arch support.

Photo credit: @leamichele

The flat rubber, cork or leather base is easily compressed so if you’re walking on hard pavements or floors all day, you are actually stressing the soles of your feet. As you walk, your toes apply a tight grip, and pressure has to be applied in order to keep your balance. In the long run, this can strain your Achilles tendon and the calf muscles in your legs, and cause pain in your knees, hips and back.

To avoid all of that, opt for a pair with a thicker heel gradient or wider straps. This means better grip and preventing your toes from “clawing” at the sole to keep the slippers in place.

Rose gold slippers from Haviannas.
Slippers, $49.90, from Haviannas.
Sandals from Birkenstocks with thicker sole.
Sandals from Birkenstocks.

Alternatively, choose sandals. Not only do your feet get the same amount of breathing space, these come with ankle straps that provide more support.

Black Melissa + Jason Wu sandals
Melissa Charlotte + Jason Wu sandals, $150, from Melissa.

Photo credit: Pixabay