Soothe Sensitive And Irritated Scalp With This Amazing Treatment

Svenson Hair Oxy-DH Scalp Therapy

Sensitive scalps can cause itching, dull locks and even accelerated hair fall, with conditions exacerbated by unsuitable products and environmental pollutants.

Svenson’s specialised treatment is tough on trichological problems but gentle on the scalp. The Oxy-DH Scalp Therapy soothes and improves your scalp with a two-step approach: A Peeling Phase uses micro-droplets of oxygen and saline to gently exfoliate, followed by an Infusion Phase which uses pressurised oxygen to deliver a serum rich in copper peptides and botanical actives deep within the scalp to bolster it against inflammation and hair loss, transforming your tresses by making hair follicles healthier. At $90 (60 mins).

Want to prolong the amazing effects of this treatment? Here are two products you can purchase to keep your scalp healthy and happy: 

Defence Hair Booster Shampoo

Defence Hair Booster Shampoo:


Fight both premature hair fall and split ends with this daily shampoo. A potent formulation of Capsicum Fructescens, tea tree oil, and Arnica ensures that strands are protected from root to tip. At $45 (250 ml).

Defence Hair Booster Tonic


Daily application of this efficacious tonic helps keep hair loss at bay; botanical actives stimulate
microcirculation at the roots to boost the absorption of nutrients, so as to restore density to thinning hair. At $88 (100 ml).

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