A hectic urban lifestyle can leave you stressed and constantly feeling under the weather. Take care of your health and clear the toxins from your body with LifeSpa’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage. When your lymph nodes are blocked, toxins build up, causing you to feel sluggish and lethargic.

Without proper care, this can lead to a weakened and compromised immune system, leaving you more prone to illness.

To restore your well-being, let LifeSpa’s therapists help you release the blockage for renewed health. Using slow and gentle massage techniques, this treatment not only helps to expel excess body fluids through your lymph nodes, it also smoothens out cellulite while calming inflammation caused by eczema and acne.


In addition, it comes with a Heat Blanket Therapy session, which aids in reducing water retention, stimulating blood circulation and boosting metabolism at the same time.
Beat the malaise at LifeSpa and experience a new surge of energy again. At $285 (75 minutes).

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