Fighting off the ravages of ageing is the hardest, especially when you are a busy working woman who’s constantly on the go. As much as we want to spend lots of time and effort on lengthy skincare regimes and weekly facials to maintain healthy and youthful-looking skin, it is not always possible. So a little help from aesthetic procedures is an option you can explore to achieve great results.


Enter one of the most advanced aesthetic treatments on the market right now. Currently a very in-demand procedure in Korea, HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound and it uses precise medical ultrasound for non-surgical tightening and lifting of the skin. The award-winning Ultraformer HIFU is designed to help lift and tone your visage on multiple levels – including face and neck lifting, skin tightening, V-face shaping, jowl / double chin reduction – by melting excess/displaced fat, and inducing collagen rejuvenation within the skin.


HIFU Ultraformer’s effectiveness comes from the focused ultrasound waves which are able to target the different depths of the skin – 3 mm for collagen remodelling, and the SMAS layer at 4.5 mm, which is the layer surgeons target during a surgical face lift!

The result? Collagen production is stimulated and skin is tightened over time to give you a contoured look. 

The Ultraformer HIFU procedure which takes approximately 60 mins (for lower face) and is made comfortable with ample numbing. As it has minimal downtime, you can go about your day without worry after the treatment. Prices start at $750 for double chin and $1,500 for the lower face. Prices and procedure length vary for treatments of different areas on the face.


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