Spa Awards 2019: The Best Facials and Couple's Retreat You Can Find In SingaporeMe-time Day Spa
Spa Symphony: Head-to-Toe Spa Ritual, $357.50 for 165 minutes
Serving head-to-toe indulgence, this triple-hit package comprises a Relaxing Body Massage to relieve tension and sore muscles, a revitalising Signature Facial, and Jacuzzi soak to release any lingering stress.

Spa Experience
Ayuthaya the Royal Thai Spa: Signature Ayuthaya Experience, $328 for 120 minutes
Royal pampering awaits with the Signature Ayuthaya Experience. A holistic blend of traditional Thai massage therapy, the treatment includes a soothing herbal heat compress and customised body scrub for total rejuvenation.

Spa Awards 2019 The Best Facials and Couple's Retreat You Can Find In Singapore - Auriga Spa by Capella

Auriga Spa by Capella Singapore: Beauty Inside and Out, $656.76 for 240 minutes
The four-hour refresh is packed with nourishing beauty treatments for top-to-toe rejuvenation. Complete your spa experience with a special meal at Cassia and a one-night stay at Capella Singapore.

Couple Treatments – Romantic
Ikeda Spa: Romantic Getaway, $663.40 for 120 minutes
Indulge in a romantic Japanese getaway at Ikeda Spa. Begin your spa treatment with a relaxing dip in the Couple Onsen Hinoki Bath, followed by an aromatherapy massage that combines Eastern and Western techniques to fully restore your mind and body.

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Brightening Facial (TIE)
Freia Aesthetics: Luminosity Facial, $450for 90 minutes
Combining high-performance ingredients such as L-Ascorbic Acid, Phytic and Citric Acids with an intensive nine-step regime, this brightening treatment restores cellular DNA and breathes new
life into dull, hyper-pigmented skin.

Brightening Facial (TIE)
Geranium: SkinCeuticals Brightening Facial, $390 for 120 minutes
This treatment tackles visible signs of photo-ageing and free-radical damage with a powerful blend of antioxidants to effectively restore youthfulness and radiance into your complexion.

Anti-Pigmentation Facial
SkinLab The Medical Spa: I2PL Anti-Pigmentation Facial, $406.60 for 90 minutes
The I2PL treatment is ideal for total skin rejuvenation and gradual lightening of pigmentation. The new-and-improved version boasts dual-mode filtering technology that further helps to reduce treatment downtime and maximise comfort.

Calming Facial
Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge: Hydro-aid Soothing Treatment, $180 for 80 minutes
Soothe stressed-out skin with this refreshing facial. Using the rich, nourishing Sulwhasoo Hydro-aid Moisturizing Soothing Cream, your face is further revitalised as it is gently massaged with a white porcelain applicator.

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Whitening Facial
Simply Aesthetics: Glow Zone PLUS – Signature Glow Zone Laser Facial + VC Oxygen Infusion, $415.16 for 90 minutes
Achieve a radiant complexion with this non-invasive laser treatment that reduces the signs of ageing and other skin imperfections. Complete the session with the VC Oxygen Infusion, a potent blend of oxygen and hyaluronic acid that helps to lift and hydrate skin.

Clarifying Facial
Jurlique: Clarifying Essential Facial Treatment, $160 for 75 minutes
Designed to decongest clogged pores and detoxify skin, this deep-cleansing facial treatment also gets rid of acne-causing bacteria while boostingskin’s immunity.

Detoxifying Facial
THREE: THREE Balancing Facial, $160 for 60 minutes
Great for all skin types, this facial uses an aromatic blend of frankincense and bergamot oils to hydrate, nourish and detoxify skin.

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Hydrating Facial
ART by Verita: ART Cryolift Correct Radiance Therapy, $288.90 for 90 minutes
Using a probe with a surface temperature of negative 15 C, this treatment improves the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. A combination of phytic and citric acids are used to combat pigmentation while vitamin C promotes a more radiant complexion.

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Firming Facial
Shiseido Facial Atelier: Shiseido Future Solution LX Ultimate Moisture Firming Facial, $180 for 60 minutes
Revitalise stressed and dehydrated skin in just under an hour with the signature Yutaka Facial Treatment by Shiseido Facial Atelier. With firming and brightening effects, this intensive repair treatment will also leave skin feeling smooth and supple.

Blemish-Free Facial
Caring Skin: Acne Clear Up, $267.50 for 90 minutes
Developed for the treatment of oily and acne-prone skin, this soothing facial uses an effective formulation of anti-blemish ingredients like salicylic, glycolic and lactic acid to target acne and reduce inflammation.

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Pore-Refining Facial
Hanbang Skin Solutions: Deep Pore Cleansing Care, $318 for 70 minutes
This acne-busting facial harnesses the Korean method of double cleansing and exfoliation to neutralise overactive sebaceous glands, effectively lifting dirt and sebum build-up from deep within pores. The treatment also improves sebum control and minimises the appearance of pores.

Tightening Facial
Beaute Hub: Viora Core Technology Treatment, $398 for 60 minutes
Harnessing bi-polar radio frequency with vacuum therapy to target loose and sagging
skin, this lifting treatment takes years off your features by tightening skin and strengthening skin elasticity.

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Resurfacing Facial
Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery: Microfractional Laser, $1,070 for 75 minutes
Improve the signs of ageing and sun damage with advanced fractional resurfacing technology that not just reduces wrinkles and scarring, but also rejuvenates and improves skin texture and laxity.

All-In-One Facial
Estetica: Vitamin Energy Facial, $420 for 90 minutes
Designed for the modern woman, this fuss-free facial is packed with multi-vitamins and a unique HTAC booster to instantly recharge and refresh the skin. Great for combating signs of fatigue, see and feel the difference in just 24 hours after treatment.

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Facial – Guasha
Healing Touch: Bojin V-Face Lift and Firm, $242 for 60 minutes
Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture and massage techniques, Guasha increases skin circulation to improve skin firmness while rejuvenating skin.

Facial – Light Therapy (IPL)
Porcelain ORIGINS: ZapGlow IPL Treatment, $321 for 45 minutes
An advanced Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment that promotes collagen production and lightens the appearance of pigmentation, this speedy treatment helps you achieve smoother and brighter-looking skin with minimum discomfort.

Non-Invasive Facelift
Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery: Thermage (CPT) Comfort Pulse Technology, $5,350 for 90 minutes
Forget going under the knife. This non-surgical procedure uses patented radio frequency technology to redefine facial contours, soften wrinkles and tighten skin for a younger, more lifted appearance. Beyond the immediate face lift effect, results will gradually improve over the next few months.

Facial – Stem Cell
Spa Symphony: Biocell Stem Cell Face Treatment, $941.60 for 90 minutes
Designed to rejuvenate skin, this treatment uses a unique blend of plant stem cells and other bioactive compounds to increase skin’s natural regeneration abilities for a visibly firmer and younger complexion.

Facial – Light Therapy (Infrared)
EPION Clinic: EPION S.T.A.R, $588.50 for 120 minutes
Boasting superior skin tightening, exfoliation and hydration benefits, this hybrid facial uses deep infrared pulses to lift and redefine facial contours. It is followed by a four-step resurfacing treatment and 24k gold facial mask to enhance skin hydration and luminosity.

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Relaxing Facial Massage
SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus: SK-II Senzational Facial, $260 for 90 minutes
A perfect refresh for tired, dehydrated skin, this treatment boasts an intensive 55-step facial massage that leaves skin plump and radiant. The session tops off with a soothing eye treatment and scalp massage for a relaxing pampering experience.

Bespoke Facial
SW1 Clinic: Facial Cocktails, from $235.40 for 50 minutes
Offering bespoke facials to Clarify, Purify, Revivify or Beautify, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the extensive range of treatments and skincare ingredients available. Highlights include a Magnetic Detox Peel, Sonic Cleansing, 24K Gold Mask and other luxurious options.

Oxygenating Treatment
Skin Inc: Oxygen OxyCryo Therapy Treatment, $288 for 75 minutes
Ideal for damaged and ageing skin, this three-in-one combination of Korean spa techniques along with advanced oxygen infusion system helps to instantly nourish, soothe and illuminate skin.

Power Lunch Facial
IDS Aesthetics: IDS Electro Infusion Treatment, $299 for 45 minutes
For a quick but powerful pick-me-up, this customisable treatment combines electromagnetic pulses and LED light therapy to promote a brighter and more radiant complexion in just 45 minutes.

Speedy Lifting Treatment
NOVU Aesthetics: Lingzhi Super Lift, $250 for 50 minutes
Not just a superfood, this treatment is designed to maximise the anti-oxidative and healing benefits of Lingzhi by using intense light therapy to activate skin’s collagen production and deliver an instant lift with brightening.

Luxurious Facial
The Ritz-Carlton Spa: The La Mer Miracle Broth Facial, $494.34 for 90 minutes
A luxurious 90-minute treatment that uses only La Mer skincare for its 13 indulgent treatment steps, this multi-sensorial facial and spa experience leaves skin radiant and glowing.

Face-Shaping Treatment
Facia Ginza: Small Face Care, $248 for 90 minutes
A non-invasive treatment that involves deep-bone massage to achieve a V-shape jawline, restore facial symmetry and improve blood circulation.

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Lifting Facial
Kosme Aesthetics: HIFU 4D Facelift, $488 for 60 minutes
A non-invasive facial lifting treatment that uses the latest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology
to counteract sagging skin, soften fine lines and sculpt the chin and jawline.

Pre-Party Facial
Radium Medical Aesthetics: Radium Red Carpet Facial, $330 for 90 minutes
As its name suggests, this treatment gives you red-carpet ready skin in 90 minutes flat. The five-step regime utilises a gentle combination of light-based therapy and radio frequency technology to repair, firm and hydrate the skin.

Line-Reducing Facial
JYUNKA: JYUNKA V Ageless Treatment, $380 for 120 minutes
Tapping on the efficacy of cutting-edge skincare products and technologies, this eight-step treatment helps to combat signs of ageing and rejuvenate the skin – helping it feel supple and more lifted after treatment.

Anti-Ageing Facial (TIE)
AsterSpring: Super Lifting Face Treatment, $350 for 85 minutes
Recommended for mature skin, this treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production to lift sagging skin and tone facial muscles, while refining skin texture.

Anti-Ageing Facial (TIE)
Spa by JW: Anti-Ageing Facial, $294.25 for 80 minutes
Featuring an intensive dual-layer masking technique with therapeutic massage that’s specially designed to lift, plump and firm skin, this facial instantly delivers a more youthful complexion.

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