Aside from being the epitome of relaxation, body massages are more than a pampering treat or an indulgence. They are a great way to boost circulation and promote a healthy lymphatic system. (The lymph system works to clear toxins and waste product, and filter out bacteria from the body.)

Body massages do more than lower your cortisol levels within the body. In fact, kneading not only eases sore muscles, it also helps muscles to heal. According to research published in Science Translational Medicine, it was found that massage can suppress the inflammation that follows exercise, and at the same time, promote faster healing.

Getting a body massage is all in the name of good health. Here are 10 tried and loved massages in this year’s Spa Awards.

Best Aches-Busting Massage

Spa Esprit: Starblast, $125 for 60 minutes
This acupressure massage will hit all the right spots – tight knots in your back, blocked lymph nodes and sore muscles. Targeting your body’s meridian points, it clears blockages for better blood circulation and energy flow, tension relief and deep relaxation.

Best Aromatherapy Massage

Spa Rael: Hann Dream Body Massage, $252 for 60 minutes
Slather skin with aromatherapy blends rich in vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and certified organic essential oils. This massage uses soothing strokes, accompanied by the uplifting blends of rose, clary sage, and lemon.

Best Relaxing Massage

Gemstone Massage, $385++ for 90 minutes
Luxuriate to the positive vibrations and energy of gemstone crystals. This holistic ritual enhances this gemstone experience with organic botanical ingredients and gem-infused oils for an utterly opulent and rejuvenating experience.

Massage therapy can alleviate anxiety, soothe headaches and promote deep sleep./PHOTO: 123RF

Best Oriental Massage

Fresver Beauty: Mud Moxibustion Womb & Ovary, $340 for 60 minutes
A ginger herbal oil massage is used to boost blood circulation at the womb, while a meridian brush treatment expels “wind” and toxins. Application of a mud mask with 28 herb extracts (including ginseng and dang gui) revitalise vital energy and help reduce menstrual cramps.

Best Detoxing Massage

The Luxe House: Tanaka Lymphatic Detox, $570.31 for 90 minutes
With long broad strokes, your therapist clears blockages in lymph nodes at the neck and underarms, reduces swelling and supports your body in natural detoxification. This relaxing massage relieves pain, eases fatigue, and rejuvenates your mind and body.

Best Deep Tissue Massage Gateway to Vitality, $155 for 60 minutes, inclusive of spa admission
Knead away kinks and aches – this deep tissue massage targets blockages in the body to enhance the flow of energy and boost your body’s natural detoxification process. Complete your spa journey with a soak in the hot and cold pools, topped off with a filling meal of local comfort food.

Best Hot Stone Massage

House Of Traditional Javanese: Relaxing Hot Stones Therapy, $147 for
60 minutes
Combining therapeutic heat with long massage strokes, this soporific treatment lulls you into dreamland. Stones warmed between 35 C and 40 C are placed on pressure points before a deep tissue massage using herbal oil is administered to relieve muscle tension.

Best Firming Massage

The Fullerton Spa: Asian Heritage Signature, $240++ for 90 minutes
Combing time-tested oriental holistic healing therapies – stretching, and pressure point techniques – this treatment restores flow and balance in your body. The invigorating scalp and deep-tissue massages that follow soothe aches and induce deep relaxation.


Best Bespoke Massage

The Ritz-Carlton Spa: Signature Massage, $220 for 60 minutes
Tailored to address your unique problem spots and pressure needs, this massage uses a wide range of massage strokes, and the experience is elevated by essential oils, such as sandalwood, rose geranium, and frankincense for deep rejuvenation.

Best Pre-Natal Massage

Clarins Skin Spa: Clarins Mother-To-Be, $185 for 60 minutes
Designed to ease women into the manifold changes that come with pregnancy, this gentle massage soothes sore spots, such as the back, legs, and ankles. The skin-firming ingredients in each product also help enhance skin elasticity and reduce stretch marks.

Text: Annie Tan, Additional Reporting: Simone Wu