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5 Surprising True-or-False Facts About The Relationship Between Your Gut, Health, Diet, and Probiotic Bacteria

Think you know about your tummy and all of the rumbling that goes on inside of it? It’s not just as simple as eating to satisfy your hunger, keeping your belly happy and your energy up, but also making sure that your digestive system is getting enough of the right bacteria a.k.a probiotics to keep you in the pink.

Skip the #fakenews and take this short “true or false” quiz to see just how much you know – and also what there is to learn – about probiotics and the state of your gut.

1. True or False: All bacteria is bad for you

False. The truth is: your body is already full of bacteria – a mixture of good and bad ones. It may sound gross, but your gastorintestinal tract is home to microorganisms, including some 300 to 500 different species of bacteria.

While some do harm, many are beneficial – the nice ones assist with the proper functioning of your immune system and disposing of foreign substances and toxins.

Probiotics are live strains of good bacteria that are especially favourable for your digestive system. Which means that if you want a healthy gut, it’s best to include some probiotics into your diet to aid your daily bodily functions and processes.

2. True or False: I only need one kind of probiotic supplement for my stomach.

False. There is no one supplement to “rule-them-all”. There are different types of probiotic strains, contained in different supplements, which work for different health conditions. And the amount of colony forming units or CFU, does not indicate the effectiveness of a probiotic product. So how do you know what and which type of supplement to take?

The good news: Swisse has made it easier to decide with two kinds of supplements that are formulated for specific health needs.

Swisse Ultibiotic Daily Digestive Probiotic & Swisse Ultibiotic Daily Immune Probiotic

If you are feeling the bloat after dining, suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, or just have a weak digestive system, opt for Swisse Ultibiotic Daily Digestive Probiotic. Containing 35 billion CFU beneficial bacteria, it is formulated with three probiotic strains to improve your gastrointestinal health and digestion, and promote beneficial bacteria growth.

If you are always coming down with a cold or flu because of a low immunity, have a sensitive stomach or are eating an imbalanced diet, then choose Swisse Ultibiotic Daily Immune Probiotic. It has two probiotic strains totalling one billion CFU to support a healthy immune system.

3. True or False: Probiotics only help with digestion.

False. While probiotic supplements are made to keep your stomach working the way it should, they also support your body in many other ways. They are said to aid in maintaining metabolic balance and with weight management, thereby combating obesity and make us feel good by producing serotonin (the happy chemical) to deal with symptoms of depression as well as sleep disturbances such as insomnia. So, though you may not have any persisting issues with your stomach, taking probiotic supplements can help improve your mood while maintaining your general gut health!

Swisse Ultibiotic Daily Digestive Probiotic

4. True or False: For good gut bacteria, I just have to make sure there’s fermented food in my meals.

True. You can snack on gut-friendly grub such as tempeh, sauerkraut, kimchi or pickles, and gulp down fermented drinks such as kefir, kombucha or yoghurt to populate your “intestinal world” with the “good guys”.

The problem is – what if you find them too sourish, too inconvenient to incorporate them in your daily diet, or just don’t have the time to dine on proper balanced fare?

The solution is in probiotic supplements – they are easy to pop before or after meals and won’t leave a sour taste in your mouth. What’s more, the ones from Swisse are dairy-free (good news for the lactose-intolerant) and suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

5. True or False: I need to consume probiotics regularly if I have tummy problems.

True. For those who experience problems such as nausea, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence, taking probiotic supplements can aid in reducing these discomforts. According to Swisse, it is better to take them daily as part of a preventative routine to strengthen the digestive system so you are less prone to common tummy ailments.

Note: Consult your doctor before starting a specific course of probiotics, especially if you’re not sure whether it’s suitable for you or your ailments, if you’re pregnant or nursing, or have underlying health issues.

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