THANN Wellness Destination

The word “game changer” gets thrown around a lot, but THANN Wellness Destination has the potential to be just that when visitors discover what a gem it truly is. With its sprawling 10-acre grounds that houses just 46 rooms, suites and pool villas located right by the tranquil River Noi, the resort is already an instant classic at first glance.

The soothing lobby that welcomes all guests.

When we had the pleasure of visiting THANN Wellness Destination, it just opened its doors at the end of October 2019, but the resort had already transformed the sleepy under-the-radar former Thai capital of Ayutthaya into the go-to Southeast Asian escape.


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A minimum of two days or 48 hours is all you need at THANN Wellness Destination to find your Zen. Pamper your body and reinvigorate your senses while the sun’s up with a visit to the Aromatherapy Baths that features three pools ranging from 25 to 39 degrees Celsius…

Aromatherapy baths are a highlight of the spa complex.

… indulge in a relaxing head-to-toe massage…

The THANN Signature Massage comes highly recommended.

… or if you really want to get your heart pumping, try a Yochi Balance class that combines two ancient practices – Yoga and Tai Chi – in one easy-to-follow session.

Treatment programs are customised to suit individual needs.

Then come back down to Earth with a slow drift down the river on a water bicycle at sunset…

Water cycling down the peaceful River Noi is not-to-be-missed.

… followed by a nourishing four-course dinner featuring sustainably sourced dishes with herbs and vegetables grown right on the premises.

Foods and beverages are designed to be nutritious.

It’s fitting that a wellness destination would be the next step for THANN’s founder, Tony Suppattranont, who founded the sustainable beauty brand steeped in Asian botanicals in 2012.

THANN’s founder, Tony, knew he wanted to create a botanical and sustainable brand.

Singaporeans are fortunate to have a THANN boutique in Paragon at Orchard Road, where one can simply drop in and pick up a cream made from the extract of Rice Bran oil or a body wash infused with Jasmine Blossoms.

THANN’s flagship retail store at Paragon Shopping Centre.

For those, who want to take it even further, however, that’s where THANN Wellness Destination serves its purpose.

The resort’s saltwater pool overlooks the River Noi.

“Our wellness destinations are unique because they go beyond a spa experience. We have already been receiving good reviews from our products and spas around the world… but it was such a challenge, because customers would go for a two-hour treatment, and then go back to their really stressful routines sitting in front of the computer and not exercising.”

Tony Suppattranont, THANN Founder

“So, I came up with the idea to create a real wellness destination; a place you can get a massage, then go to the spa, and a relaxing meal after, and it’s just a way for us to give back to our beloved customers in a more long-term way,” he adds.

The plush interior of the resort’s 64 sqm Deluxe Room.

THANN Wellness Destination even provides resort wear in the form of a two-piece garment reminiscent of a traditional Gi (usually worn by Jiu Jitsu practitioners) but with a softer feel on the skin. So, stressed-out Singaporeans can literally turn up to the resort with nothing but their toiletries!

Fruits and vegetables are grown at the resort’s pesticide-free garden.

Speaking of toiletries, each room is equipped with botanical-infused aromatherapy products comprising skincare, hair care and body care items from THANN itself for your pleasure and comfort. The resort only accommodates guests above the age of 12 so you can be sure that tranquillity can be found in buckets.

THANN skincare and toileteries adorn every room.

Can’t get away from Singapore for two days? THANN still has you covered in the comfort of your own home, according to Tony.

“You can recreate a spa-like setting at home. It’s all about the right lighting, temperature, and using the right aromatic products. For instance, you can pick your favourite essential oil blend, use our Aroma diffuser, and spray a scent like THANN’s Aromatic Wood fragrance mist on your pillows and bed sheets to get some quality sleep.”

Tony Suppattranont, THANN Founder
The one-bedroom villa features a private pool surrounded by greenery.

Package rates are all-inclusive and start from a modest $1,128 (25,000 Baht), which bundles in your luxurious accommodation, complementary mini bar, THANN facial products, daily resort wear, all nutrition-packed meals with non-alcoholic beverages and 90 minute massage and daily wellness program. Ready to go? Click here to book your trip today.