“Your age can grow old over time, but your appearance can be more beautiful than your age.” – Karen Tran, founder of 418+ Anti-aging Clinic


Why Does Skin Age More Rapidly As We Grow Older?
Science has demonstrated that the ability of cell division – a process by which a parent cell divides into two or more daughter cells – to produce new cells and replace old, damaged or diseased cells. In a child, the number of new cells is produced more than old cells to help the growing process. During this process, the body helps to balance the damage when the growth rate of the cell is maximised. That is why, the rate of wound rehabilitation or scars healing on skin is faster during childhood and puberty.

In adulthood, however, the body naturally balances the rate of new and lost cell growth, and the birth of new cells is gradually lessened. This signals the start of the ageing process, which becomes apparent on skin’s appearance.

The Science Of Stem Cells 
One of the important mechanisms of cell division is that not all cells can produce new cells. Cells can produce new cells which are called stem cells, and other cells are known as functional cells. Newly- produced cells may be stem cells or functional cells, and this depends on genetic makeup. But through medical science advancements, hematopoietic stem cells – self-renewing progenitor cells – can be inserted into the body to help replace damaged cells which can in turn help treat diseases like blood cancer.


Karen Tran’s method can be understood as applying three steps: 1) Unlock Skin, 2) Revival, 3) Maintain & Enhance as the core solution to prolonging youthful beauty. The anti-ageing solution, when applied on a multi-technology basis and personalised to each woman’s skin type and condition, will create a clear and secure result based on each individual’s skin needs.

The Karen Tran regimen strictly follow the procedure of these three steps:


Karen Tran wants to share her beauty secrets with everyone.

As a beautiful and successful woman, Karen Tran always wants to share and contribute her success to everyone. That is the reason she established her beauty institute 418+ Anti-aging Clinic, also known as Forever Eighteen Plus. It is the first and only anti-ageing clinic in Vietnam applying her solution of Unlock Skin, Revival, and Maintain & Enhance using multi-technology designed to prolong the youthful beauty of women.

Karen Tran has been honoured and recognised in the Vietnam Typical Business Face in 2017 award for her contribution to the economic development in Vietnam.

For 10 years since, Karen Tran’s rejuvenation method has served many women in Vietnam, and proved particularly effective against the environmental aggressors and harsh tropical climate in Vietnam. It has garnered praise and appreciation from women of all ages in Vietnam and also those who seek out her treatment from other countries. Now, Karen’s ultimate wish is not only to provide this method for herself, her family and her friends, but also to spread this solution to women everywhere, and helping them become more confident, happy and satisfied with their appearance.

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