We’ve all been young once, and while not all of us have struggled with finding our unique identity as a teen, long, flowy hair has often been associated with femininity and beauty. In today’s age where androgynous looks are embraced, Rapunzel’s locks are a thing of the past. Instead, short bobs are becoming a hot favourite amongst celebrities. Although short hair can refer to a rather broad range of lengths from buzz cut to a mid-length bob, this edit will help you find styling ideas and inspiration for that chin to in-between length hairdo that you can show your stylist on your next visit to the salon.

The Balayage Bob

Gone are the days when short hair is all one-dimensional and boring. Shake things up with a fun balayage bob with highlights for that high shine and the ‘I’ve spent my summer chilling on beaches’ look! As sweet as her dessert in hand, the haircut nicely frames her face with mesmerising sun-swept colour and soft, beachy waves that curl under her chin. The highlights also help to give a voluminous look. For a more youthful appearance, change to a middle part for that more symmetrical cascade. 

The Perfect Mess

The epitome of short-hair supremacy, model Irene Kim is no stranger to having her locks snipped at the chin or collarbones. From pink to blue to cotton candy and ombré coloured hair that she has rocked in the past, her short hair is back in all its glory after growing it out for a few years, as seen recently on her Instagram. This time, she has gone for the soft layers and wispy front ends for the perfect messy and lightly tousled hairstyle that is chopped right below the chin. If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge for a much shorter length but still want style, this is a look for you.

The Middle Part

Sometimes the smallest change can make the greatest difference. For a subtle transformation, attempt a middle part from the classic side part for a simple yet highly elegant look. It is also easy to maintain and gives off that effortlessly chic aura. Here, Minori Nakada, model and cast member from the hit Japanese TV variety show, Terrace House, is seen rocking her dark copper brown hair with natural bottom curls accessorised with a few bobby pins on each side to keep the do in place and for that sprinkle of character.

The Hug

If you have been watching A-ri from Celebrity on Netflix, real-life celebrity Park Gyu Young who plays the content creator cum fashionista graces the online realm onscreen with her iconic short bob and airy eyebrow bangs. From door-to-door beauty saleswoman to social media star and girl boss of her own apparel line to entering her villain arc, this hairstyle chopped off bluntly at the chin fits right in for all personalities. Although low maintenance, this cut gives a boost of confidence and overflows with charisma, making you stand out amongst others where the party is.

The Ginger Waves

If you are one who wants to tone down on a drastic change but still wants a brave pop of colour, following in Davika’s footsteps will be the best bet! A subtle chop at the collarbones will keep it safe if you are sitting on the fence about the length, but the perfect ginger red is the ‘it’ dye to keep things fresh and stylish. Finish off the look with some soft curls from the cheekbones and the ends for that extra oomph and volume! 

The Permed Princess

With bouncy and loosely curled locks, Gemma Chan’s short bob is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic glamorous blonde mane. When it comes to perms and curls, we pretty much aim to go for Goldilocks favourite: the ‘just right’. With subtle layering and a looser perm, it gives a softer, sexier, and younger visage. This is also the perfect effortlessly elegant but highly stylish look that is easy to achieve, maintain and pull off. 

The Mixie

Mixie, a cross with a pixie cut and the mullet, is the fierce and rebelliously cute haircut you need to try if you’re into the rock-chic look. All business in the front and party in the back, this hybrid is usually worn with tapered ends and a thicker top, serving looks right out of a 70s magazine. As spotted on Sydney Park, her stylish mixie hairdo is living proof that retro and modern can coexist for that ultra-trendy and playful ensemble to complete any fit.

The Slick Wet Look

A famed red carpet look in recent years, the slicked-back wet hair look is another way to spice up your short hair. Naomi Scott, who wore this look during the 94th Academy Awards, had her hair styled straight down in the back for that all-out full-glam and high gloss look. It is not to be intimated, however, as it is still incredibly wearable for any occasion for when you want to add that bit of edge and boldness. Style it any way you want — combed back, split in the middle, swept to the side, this look can make anyone feel and look expensive! Just gel it up and get ready to strut the runway! 

The Caramel Blunt Cut

Feeling a little brave but still want a perfect everyday look? Try opting for an even shorter blunt cut above the chin like Lee Si Young’s that is mixed with a lovely caramel brown for a more natural touch. This length is especially ideal if you wish to avoid that awkward stage of growing out a bob as it sticks close to the jawline but does the magic of preventing flatness. Although going for a regular trim is necessary to keep the mane flawless and mess-free at this length, this timeless, trendy and chic result is definitely worth the upkeeping.

The Sharp and Classy

You can never go wrong with this one! Charmaine Sheh, a familiar face even outside of the acting field in Hong Kong, takes the crown for having the simple but definitely not boring lob. Loaded with style, Charmaine pulls off a totally casual look into a glamorous one, dripping with confidence in her coif that is chopped sharply just below the chin. Her razor-sharp hairdo spells fashionable and gives the impression of an always put-together demeanour. You might want to save this one for your next salon visit if you wish for an effortlessly classy look! 

The Wolf

Wanna be brave? Wanna be bold? Wanna be on top? The distinctive wolf cut is the way to go. A smash between the eras of 70’s rock stars where the shag was popularised and the 80’s mullets, the wolf cut is suitable for all, but especially the adventurous who desires a new edgy mien. With full, beautifully layered tresses and bangs straight across the forehead, this hairdo screams the total opposite of boring. Think strong, daring, and fearless — the woman we all want to be.

Text: Georgia Lam/HerWorld