If you have a sweet tooth, having a dessert at the end of a meal is almost mandatory – right?

While all know that desserts are sugar and calorie bombs that do nothing for you except to please your taste buds, don’t ignore those cravings as you might end up indulging even more later on.

Instead, pick these healthier local desserts with less than 200 calories per serving. Just remember, moderation is key, so limit your intake to no more than twice a week.

Nutrient data is taken from HPB’s website

Gingko Nuts and Beancurd Soup (307g)

100 calories

12g sugar

Beancurd with Red Bean (392g)

165 calories

20g sugar

Cheng Tng (400g)


188 calories

41g sugar

Ice Kachang (400g)

172 calories

35.6g sugar

Ice Jelly with Mixed Fruits (400g)

153 calories

38g sugar

Grass Jelly with Red Bean (381g)

122 calories

27g sugar

Mango Sago (314g)

160 calories

32g sugar

Text: Jillian See/SHAPE