Care for damaged hair and keep it moisturised with the goodness of organic honey. 

We all long for glossy and lush locks – nourish your hair with the Honeyce Deep Moist Repair
series. Packed with organic honey, floral oils and natural amino acids, the nourishing range includes
a shampoo and treatment to provide intense hydration and nutrition for damaged strands and
restore life to dry, dull hair once again.


An enriching NanoRepair® formula works from inside out to tackle heat damage, while erucalactone addresses colour damage and shea butter helps repair UVdamaged strands. Plus, Honeyce’s manufacturer is backed with 40 years of experience providing quality products to top hair salons in Japan, meaning you get nothing but the best.

Rehydrate parched strands and restore radiant shine to your crowning glory with the Honeyce Deep Moist Repair Hair Mask, which replenishes lost moisture with three times more organic floral honey and natural amino acids.

Honeyce is available at Guardian stores.