TK TrichoKare Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment

These days, experts say your hair is what really betrays your age. Here’s how to stay forever young – follicularly speaking. Don’t lose sleep over thinning tresses; take steps to combat the first signs of hair loss and boost hair growth with TrichoKare’s Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment, which is designed to counteract age-related changes in your hair density.

Backed by certified trichologists, this volumising treatment works by replenishing essential nutrients lost during the ageing process. An advanced Oxyjet technology delivers a painless jet of oxygen, Emu Oil, and Ginkgo Biloba extracts deep into cleansed scalp to reactivate up to 80 per cent dormant hair follicles, enhance collagen production and stimulate hair growth.

Premium European herbal hair remedies further infuse strands with botanical extracts to promote follicle regeneration and boost hair thickness for fuller, healthier locks. With all the vital nourishment your tresses need to remain youthful, your hair can now stay thick and strong even as you age. At $696 (120 mins).

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