Working women know their priorities in life – developing a career, taking care of loved ones, having work-life balance, and being mindful of their health. Singaporeans are becoming more aware of what goes into their body – their diet quality has improved, with the consumption of more wholegrain, fruits and vegetables on the uptake, according to the Health Promotion Board’s 2018 National Nutrition Survey.

We are eating better, but the question remains: Are we eating well enough? Research has shown that 78 per cent of Singaporeans do not consume the recommended level of fruits and vegetables daily, and that only five per cent achieve the recommended amounts of exercise and nutrition every day. What this means: Most of us are not getting enough vitamins to keep us in the pink.

Eat Well To Live Well
One way to improve nutrition is to increase your intake of wholegrains, healthy fats, greens and other colourful produce (read: Oranges, tomatoes and other fruits). But it’s easier said than done – office meetings, heavy work loads and even family commitments, can make us miss regular balanced meals. In turn, we lose out on getting the essential vitamins that maintain our energy, stamina and well-being.

All-In-One, One-A-Day Solution
Being wrapped up at work doesn’t mean having to skip putting the proper nutriments into your system – multivitamins can help to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet. Swisse helps you do just that with its comprehensive Swisse Ultivite formulations of minerals and vitamins. Depending on the type, formulations are specially created using the combination of natural herbs and ingredients with scientific ingredients – a multivitamin from the brand can contain everything from vitamins B and C, iodine, folic acid, magnesium and zinc, to antioxidants such as grape seed, Siberian ginseng and green tea – so much goodness packed in one small supplement!

Popping a tablet or capsule is not only convenient, but doing so just once a day is reportedly enough to bolster your nutritional intake. But timing matters, too: Mornings are said to be the best for taking a supplement – especially those with B vitamins as an ingredient, like Swisse Ultivite’s B vitamin-rich multivitamin capsules – to support and promote your energy production. It’s also advised to digest a supplement with food, as swallowing one on an empty stomach might cause nausea. Plus, it’s easier to remember your Swisse Ultivite multivitamin as a dietary backup that provides multiple important nutrients when it becomes a natural part of your mealtime routine.

A Multivitamin For Everybody
While adding a supplement to your diet can aid in fulfilling the recommended daily level of vitamins for your general wellness, there are different types of multivitamins that yield health benefits for specific individuals.

Aside from obtaining nutrients from natural herbal extracts for its multivitamins, Swisse also tailors the Ultivite formulations to age and gender. Working women can get assists in sustaining a hectic career and nourishing hair, skin and nail health with Swisse Women’s Ultivite, while their boyfriends or husbands can opt for the brand’s Men’s Ultivite to help keep liver, digestive, heart and muscle functions, active and strong.

Kids in the family aren’t left out: the Teenage Boy’s and Teenage Girl’s Ultivite products provide extra support for their growth and development, immune system and clear skin. For those who are 50 years old and above, try the Swisse 50+ Ultivite Men’s and Women’s range to help boost energy production, and eye, bone and cognitive health. Senior folks can also get their daily nutrition boosted with Swisse 65+ Ultivite, the newly-developed and first-of-its-kind multivitamin supplement tailored for those above 65 years old. These capsules are packed with more B vitamins for even better energy production and higher vitamin D to support bone and muscle health, while one of its key natural ingredients Knotweed provides strong antioxidant properties to support healthy ageing.

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Swisse Ultivite multivitamins are available at leading Watsons, Guardian and Unity stores.

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