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There’s a reason why all of us smooth on skincare so religiously. It’s because everyone wants their skin to be healthy, glowing and beautiful from the inside out. Think mochi skin that’s supple, smooth, bouncy and full of moisture. This is where SOFINA iP DODAI Essence comes in. It is an improved version of the previous formula, and the brand says the foam essence increases blood circulation in the skin by 1.3 times more than its predecessor.

At first glance and on first pump, you may think it is a cleanser because it dispenses as a foam. But this unique product is actually meant to be used after cleansing.

It is a high-density, carbonated foam made up of micro-bubbles. The micro-bubbles are said to penetrate into the skin capillaries to boost blood circulation, effectively delivering oxygen and nutrients, which has the effect of strengthening the skin’s ability to regenerate. The result? Moisturised, firm and smooth skin.

This Japanese skincare essence containing microbubbles may be your key to getting deeply hydrated and exquisitely supple skin

Designed to be used as the first step in your skincare routine, SOFINA iP DODAI Essence helps the skin to better absorb the products you use after it – like your toner, serum and moisturiser – effectively supercharging your skincare.

What’s more, over time, it helps skin function more optimally so you get a healthy-looking, radiant complexion that feels supple and smooth. In other words, the mochi skin that everyone desires.

Makeup artist Larry Yeo used the essence for eight weeks and this is what he says: “After applying it, my skin is amazingly soft and prepped for the rest of my skincare. I find that it truly helps to boost the effects of my regular serum. My skin has better clarity, is bouncier and looks more radiant too.”

SOFINA iP DODAI Essence (90g) retails at $85 at Isetan Scotts L1.



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Valid till November 30, 2019.

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