happy smiling face
Feeling happier starts with a smile.


In One Second

Smile. When you smile you’re likely to view other people around you in a positive way and read their facial expressions as happy, even if they’re neutral, shows a UK study. It just goes to show that if you smile, the world really does seem to smile with you.

In 10 Seconds

Make someone else smile. Doing a good deed with the intention of making someone smile can boost your own feelings of happiness, shows a US study. That’s because the moment they smile, you’ve achieved your goal and are rewarded for your act of kindness.

In One Minute

Re-read your journal. Rediscovering memories that you keep in a diary can bring joy and pleasure, a Harvard study shows. While writing down the day’s mundane events may seem trivial at the time, you’ll appreciate them more in the future.

Text: Good Health, Bauer Syndication / Additional Reporting: Zarelda Marie Goh
Photo: 123rf