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About 50 per cent of women are likely to experience hair loss, or thinning hair, and this can happen at any age, even during teenage years and for a variety of reasons.

When you think of hair loss, you may think of the genetic factors, hormones, thyroid problems, infections, medications, and other diseases. However, everyday hair-aggressors such as harsh hair products and treatments contribute to hair thinning by making it weak and brittle. Even hairstyles like too-tight braids can damage or break hair.

The unique effectiveness of Beijing 101 hair remedies lies in the holistic treatment approach of regulating and nourishing the cells, tissues and body levels, as evident in many other traditional Chinese cures.

Through 42 years of research in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing 101 puts together the essence of the ancient philosophy for a solution that goes beyond the surface to cleanse the scalp at its deepest level for a balanced oil secretion, pH and to strengthen the scalp’s natural ability to grow healthier hair.

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Beijing 101 Shevonne
Passionate in her music and creative in her style, music teacher Shevonne, 26, is often spotted with a new perm or hair colour. The frequent harsh treatments had taken a toll on her hair, and she started to notice her hair thinning. Since undergoing Beijing 101’s Award Winning Revitalizing Herbal Treatment, Shevonne has managed to regain her scalp health and now flaunts lustrous locks.

Beijing 101’s Top Tips

Use Gentle Hair Products
When you start noticing that your hair is thinning, switching to all-natural, gentle hair care products is a good idea.

Use A Wide-Toothed Comb
Do not brush your hair when it is wet. Instead, try to get the tangles out by using a wide-toothed comb. Start near the tips of your hair, combing out the tangles at the bottom
first, and work your way up to the roots.

Air-Dry Your Hair
To dry your hair, pat it gently with a soft towel – don’t wring or towel it roughly. Let it air-dry naturally as it will promote new hair growth. Do note that heat from a hair dryer can cause hair to dry out and break.

Massage Your Scalp
It is said that massaging your scalp with a nutritional oil (egg, almond, mustard, coconut, jojoba oil) can stimulate hair growth by increasing blood circulation around your hair follicles. Start making a habit of massaging your scalp while you’re in the shower. Place the pads of your fingers on your scalp and rub your scalp in a circular motion. Start near your forehead and make your way along the sides and back of your head, concentrating in areas that are thinning.

Manage Your Stress Levels
Being stressed can cause hair loss. If eliminating sources of stress is not possible, try exercising regularly, meditating or practising yoga to calm your mind.

Eat More Protein
Protein is one of the building blocks of your hair, and if you aren’t getting enough, hair loss can occur. Thinning hair is common among vegetarians and vegans who aren’t taking in enough protein. Try eating more fish, chicken, beef and pork, black beans, chickpeas and other legumes, tofu and dairy products.

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Brought to you by Beijing 101.
As featured in the October 2016 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly.